Almost Lost Skills

Simply amazing really, all those months and years of writing and practicing in school. Then just years later it practically becomes obsolete. The age of the computer has arisen, many rejoiced, instant communication wasn’t just for letters and office work anymore. Following such access came the age of instant messanger and text messaging. The need to talk over the phone has slowly faded away. I find myself sometimes doing the same thing you know. Human communication may be at a all time high, and yet human interaction is slowly declining.

At my in-person interview for a position I found myself stumbling along the questions, nervous about how I should explain myself. Filling out forms along with name and dates, usual stuff really, when I took a long good look at my handwriting, simply atrocious in my opinion. Somewhere along the last few years I had forgotten how to write correctly and cursively. Oh sure, we can all type a nice story here and there, and some of us do really, yet we can not allow ourselves to lose the ability to write things down with traditional pen and paper.

I vow here and now, to pick up that writing utensil and any paper (be it blank or lined) to practice my writing once more. The wonderful thing about time and skills, is that it can be picked up once more, retrained and practiced. How I’ll get my social interaction going, well… I have no idea really. Perhaps get out more, visit more people often, slowly toss away the need to get back home to the relative safety of my computer.

Just remember, skills lost can be relearned.- Kenneth


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