Nothing Got Done, And Thats OK

The title says it all folks, Nothing Got Done, and it is Okay. Why is that the curious reader asks, well, you lived the day, you got up with a list of things to do. Breakfast was just a simple grab-n-go affair, lunch perhaps wasn’t thought out in a rush, dinner is take out or drive-thru perhaps. The idea here is, whatever essential thing that is, never was. The doctor never showed, the boss and human resources department was shut for whatever reason. Nothing…. Got…. done…..

At this point its better just to get on home and mope about for a bit, stew in a pointless day perhaps. Here we are, on the internet, browsing around enjoying music, movies, books and posts. There is always tomorrow to worry about, right now is our downtime, a moment to ourselves hopefully uninterrupted. The idea of writing a complaint to someone out there, for delaying your work, I don’t know, perhaps that construction company where majority of the workers were just millng about.

By all means, write a complaint, fill out that form now and send it in. Also, your paperwork? It’d be best to double check it now while you aren’t in a hurry, who knows, maybe you mispelled your name or miswrote a number or two. Think of how everything went wrong today and find a way to do things better. Look up the places your supposed to go, check up on road conditions, make sure its not going to flood perhaps. It is best to call up as soon as possible for a missed appointment to reschedule one as soon as possible, find out if it is possible to get a closer date, than say August (when its January). Otherwise tomorrow will be just as pointless.

Be ready for the morning, make something just before going to sleep and set it in the fridge, have stuff prepped now so you don’t have to order take out two times in a week. Take note of what you need now, post it somewhere where you know you’ll look, do you have your essentials? Charger, shampoo, soap/bodywash, toilet paper, food, so on… Remember to actually plug in the devices as well, a dead cell is a fancy paperweight.

It is all well and good to have plans, however it is also better to have a flexable one as well, alternative routes. Most know work usually starts from 6-8am, lunch at 11:30am-1:30pm mon-fri and ends from 4:30-6pm those same days. Traffic will be a mess, food places will be full, and stores will be packed and busy. Plan through the obsticals as well as have back ups.

Just remember, even though today nothing got done, tomorrow is the day that something does get done. -Kenneth


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