Storytime: That Blasted Vehicle

(Please note, this is total fiction, not to be taken seriously, should you be experiencing these issues I would recommend having a mechanic check up on these things. This small story inspired by The Mask starring Jim Carrey)

Sometimes I’ve had to turn the key a few times to get it started, it happens. The car was stuttering a bit, also that annoying whining noise, nothing big. The breaks are making that squeaking noise on the lightest taps, I’ll worry about that after friday. Sure the steering wheel is vibrating a bit, and it takes a bit more pressure to keep the car straight… but its not too big of a problem.



I say to myself out loud as I sit there in the drivers seat parked on the side of the road. I had called a mechanic to come pick me up. Apparently, however, traffic had just jammed up somewhere a long while back, and my case was suddenly priority number 25.

Staring stoically ahead I idly notice a bit of residual smoke coming from the hood. The guy on the phone had walked me through checking some basic stuff. Apparently my car is overheated… In this weather? It is working too hard apparently. Also, the spark plugs might need to be changed, after I had enquired about the stuttering. That steering thing? yeah, need some kind of alignment. No kidding I tell the guy, after I explain that both right side tires practically exploded on me, that I might need new tires, and perhaps a spare tire.

I was told to check the dipsticks… which took a moment or two to find since I’m an idiot when it comes to these. I will need to do a total cleaning on the stuff, the sticks were bone dry obviously a bad sign. Definately have to do a full flush on the car. The tension belt I think it was called was frayed, obviously neglected and will most assuredly need to be replaced. I cant even honk the horn now, the lights wont turn on, let alone that sound when I turn the key a few times, alternator too is gone. Suddenly the left side of the car started sinking down, first through the front then the back. Great… Just great…

Finally after 3 hours of waiting a tow truck comes along, I had almost regretted calling them up, the truck itself looked ancient. The mechanic was a snarky sarcastic person, not helping the situation buddy. He took a look under the hood, wiggled a few hoses and wires. Then promptly told me to just buy a new car because repairs and replacement parts would cost a fortune. Explained that he was worried the car would just fall apart if he hooked it up for the trailer bed. Thankfully the car just managed to fit onto it, even if there was an omnious groaning coming from the front.

He kindly offered to buy the car off of me for $200, then promptly told me it would cost $250 to tow it to the “Scrapyard”. Owned by their businees apparently. I took him up on that offer. Fifty dollars or 6 months pay in repairs and parts. I was just conned apparently, but at the moment I could care less about that blasted car now.

Two hours back, payments made, and barely making it to the transit, I made it home, where I promptly warmed up a quick meal then went right to sleep. One hell of a day I’ve gotta say, also the last time I buy a used vehicle at a bargain lot. Perhaps its time to read up on these things.


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