A Voice To Be Heard

I feel for you people out there, I really do, you know who you are. The types who have to repeat yourself a few times to make a point, practically shouting then having to look down or around somewhat wildly hoping against hope you aren’t being judged for shouting. Be it the soft whisper of a voice or that deep slow tone, I sympathize with and for you. When you start telling a tale and slowly drift off when the conversation goes on around you, I don’t blame you, honestly I don’t. It just… Is, and that is a bitter pill to swallow.

There’s that slow monotone voice, the one that people tend to shut out unintentionally, the one where the teacher explains something for the third time that day. That voice has to be slow and thought out, otherwise ‘normal’ talking speed and pitch makes your voice sound jumbled and slurred doesn’t it? Slowly and surely you start adding accents to your voice, just to stress out a few dozen words, and be heard really. Do you ever get tired of people constantly asking how you are doing? ‘Fine, why do you ask?’ well you just sound sad all the time. No, we are not sad, we just have a monotone voice. We are not angry, tired, sad, we just have that boring voice that we are trying to get over.

Now, I don’t know much about those other voice types out there, however I feel sorry for the somewhat squeaky voices, those ones that sound like a teenage girl you know the type. even at age 25, that must be horrible. can you imagine having to do most stuff in person because over the phone the other person just can’t take you serious enough. Perhaps the mindless nodding and ‘uh-huh’ you get? That rapid fast talk, the need to get everything out in a rush before the mindless agreements start coming in.

There are many variations when it comes to voices, let alone accents, it is sadly a biological thing that gives us our tones, and the environment that shapes how it sounds. There are ways around that, let me tell you, otherwise I wouldn’t exactly be here. Stress a few words, add inflections and what not. a simple word play exercise if you will. “I didn’t say she stole my money” has 7 different ways you can make the simple sentance sound different. Then many more ways by stressing 2 words then 3 and so on until you’re practically aggresively shouting. Add emotions, be morose and down, jovial like it isn’t your problem, perhaps bitter about it. Slowly and most assuredly your voice will adapt, moving away from mindnumbing to active.

Let not just your presence be known, but also your voice- Kenneth


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