Story time: Seeking Help

(I am sorry if this offends anyone. I am also sorry if you relate somehow. This is a made up story. Should you find yourself in any situation like this, I advise you, PLEASE seek help if possible. This idea has been bugging me for a while now, so it must be posted, I am sorry, but I don’t think we’ll get our smiles on today from this post.)

I had gone for a breath of fresh air, and I hear the door close and click… I had been locked out. I had seen them look me in the eyes and lie to me, not  a flinch or flicker to be seen. I spoke quietly, then had to whisper…. eventually you had gone on, and I went silently into the night. Their lightest taps sent me flinching, sent me shying… all becaue the one time… I went flying. You don’t understand them, I do… I do……really I do… It hurts now and then, but thats ok.

Have you seen them lately? They’re always so tense around each other… the other one just seems oblivious about it. No really you notice how quiet they had gotten? I worry for them sometimes. I don’t know what to say really, I mean its none of my business really. They just seem to be having a rough patch. I’m sure they’ll fix it up eventually. Oh my, look at that couple, boy that one sure is spirited, probably just an off day, the other should smile more instead of looking glumy all the time.

The neighbors call emergency services after a prolonged shouting match and loud noises from the house on the corner. The door swings open and out stumbles a person holding their stomach, not a moment later the other shoves them down, a flash of a metal object.

“Next up on the 6 o’clock news. A young person brutally stabbed to death by their fiance, who claims it had been self defense. Police are still on the scene, neighbors are being questioned. No more information has comeforth yet, more news at 11. Now for the weather report”

How did it all spiral out of control, I though hey looked cute with eachother. Oh My God, I’m so sorry. This best friend had gone on into a major depression over the guilt for forcing them two to date. They can be found wandering from bar to bar.

I always knew they had a temper, I wonder why I never seen this coming. Were they really an abuser though? They doesn’t seem the type. Just goes to show you really don’t know people until its too late. How this former friend was proven wrong.

Headline News: Fiance Found Guilty of Murder

“They had it coming your honor, that peson dared to hit me, ME!” The convict is still serving jail time, shows no sign of changing their story, many times seperated from the jail community for violent overreactions. The signs were always there, plain to see, yet the facade of beauty and looks had hidden it well from the general public.

‘I shouldn’t have to live like this. No more. Tonight, I’m going to confront them. I’m going to leave ThEm, call off the wedding. I have N-no where to stay. maybe my friend (blotchy and tear stained entry makes it hard to read next few sentences) Mom was right. I am sorry. I don’t know what i did wrong but i’m going to fix it tonight.’
This was the last entry before the situation escalated out of control. This person was always such a shy person, a kind heart through and through.  There was obvious and subtle signs of domestic violence, they felt that there had been no where to go however.

End Story

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but there is no mention of male or female, there is No gendering done here. That is intentional. Any kind of violence, be it domestic, sexual or otherwise is not Alright. It is NOT Ok. It is Not relationship privileges to hurt your other, the other person is not a personal punching bag, verbal or otherwise. They are NOT property. This also extends to frienships, family, and anything inbetween and elsewhere not listed.

Should you find yourself in any situation where you fear, even for a fleeting moment, for your life, please reach out to someone. Anyone. You can even go to this website. The Hotline is a website dedicated to these situations and has resources should you need them. be it a reassuring voice, or advice on what to do.

Once more, I did not mean to offend or trigger anything by this story. For the most part this was not checked over for any misspellings or typos. I am here today to raise awareness. My mom used to work on such cases, and this is my salute to her dedication.

Please seek help if you need it- Kenneth


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