The one time I’ve watched the news in ages, and there’s a suspect gunned down someplace. Don’t quite know the full story, and I’m sure there was a reason I suppose…but still.

Violence may not be correct answer for many situations, and between you and me seems silly to throw a punch to settle an argument or some other thing. However, it is a solution of last resort, and pretty much be a Final resort I say. There is violence for violence to prevent even more from spreading. You can talk all you want, negotiate all you want, in the end you will be faced with difficult decisions.

Take for example a suicidal gunman, he has nothing to lose in his mind, and he will take as many with him as possible. In this situation you can act, or react. Not exactly a good position either way you go. Should you act, you may have saved many lives at the cost of the gunman’s life. Sure you could’ve talked them down, but the odds dwindle away as the death toll rises. Then again you could react, talk to them, negotiate all you want, the idea is to go in with the mindset of preventing any bloodshed, what happens though when he decides you are to be his next victim? Do you just accept your death and hope the next person can talk them down? Perhaps fight back? Run at the first shot?

No, as much as I wish violence wasn’t a solution, we both know that is not the case. Perhaps we can say it is one of many potential solutions. To draw a gun, throw a punch, start any kind of action, you should expect to receive a reaction of equal or greater measure.

It may not be THE answer, but is a potential one- Kenneth.

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