A Shock to the System

Have you ever looked in a mirror? Not a glance, like, truly looked in the reflection? I have. That was a surprise, it had left me wondering who that was staring back. Somehow in the last few years I’ve let myself slip a bit, even more so since January. I could almost be mistaken for a Mexican, nothing wrong with that. Moving on.

Apparently I looked like a wreck, bags under the eyes, the beginnings of a scraggy beard, goatee already in place. Unacceptable. A few moments later, gone. Still got the bags under the eyes, but at least I feel better about it. Then it becomes apparent, I need to get out more, do more. I’m Native American, dark skin you know? And yet somehow I look pale and sickly. Any muscle mass I had from my teens are long gone, sure I can still move things about, yet any activities leave me slightly winded.

Yes, quite the shock. What can one do in this situation? Fix them, one after the other, no use trying for a marathon when you just learned how to crawl really. Problem one down, get rid of facial hair, next problem, muscles. Losing unwanted weight comes along during and after gaining muscles you know. Gaining a complexion back, eh, might be nice to get out more, enough being a hermit I suppose.

Fret not anyone reading, what is lost can be regained once more. All it takes is some determination and patience. Motivation, the mirror, that scale, perhaps that certain pair of clothes you got a few months back that never fitted hm? Still, motivation can be fleeting, at least it gets you moving though.

Preparing for the marathon, that could take a while, there is no need to start out full tilt you know, walk outside for starters, get comfortable with it. Perhaps do a small quick jog when you think no one’s looking or paying attention, start out with say 3 seconds of a sprint and add on from there. Find a weighty object to lift with both arms, slowly scale upwards. Perhaps move that couch over and over. Start small is the key, build up from there.

For them bags under the eyes, try sleeping more, yes counter productive, but some studies show sleep is very beneficial. If you can’t sleep for a full 7 hours, try halving it through out the day. Perhaps you got to go to work at 6 am, well go to sleep after you get home. say, 6pm, sleep for about 2-3 hours and get going again. Eventually with enough rest those bags will slowly disappear. Also never neglect the power of everyday grooming and tidying up.

As for no posts in ages, well I got a job, so Yeah! And my first paycheck soon, so I’m happy. Oh, one last tip before we leave, Manage that Stress. It is apart of our lives, it is as inevitable as death, however it is manageable. Find out what is essential and get it done, a bank debt is eventually payable and extended at times, utilities not so much. Some people can be evicted because of one day late payments you know. Find better way to get things done, as fast but reasonable as possible. It pays to double check stuff as well.



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