Storytime: Mad Scientist

Madness, I seem to forget it sometimes, especially since I’ve been relocated sideways in time apparently. Who knew I’d make a great villain, great enough to make things work out in the end. World domination is supremely underrated if you ask me, far too tedious. Why stay on the ground when you can fashion wings and reach for the stars? So far we’ve evolved many times technologically as well as genetically. Morally questionable? Without a doubt. We had found a way to extend our lives tenfold, well, not originally. Many had left our crew once we showed our fruits of labor and research, we make sure they leave peacefully, check up on their descendants now and then.

I must remind myself at times that I’m the necessary evil, honestly with how many worlds we had fixed and how many lives saved. For those war-torn worlds locked in combat all we can do is observe and continue on. Every now and then some of the crew would go on these desolate planets, a calling I termed it, volunteers only. Every now and then we go back for further observation and find great arenas all over the place. The old gladiator days had come back with a vengeance, business is very lucrative. Of course every now and then we have to step in and liberate slaves, a sad fact that still happens, just on a grander scale. Even evil scientists have limits you know, and I just can not tolerate slavery.

Whats that? How we do research on live subjects? Well, all societies have masochist you know. Majority of our subjects are masochist, despite decades of research we just can’t cure it. Not that we would if we found the cure, besides who are we to deny someone their pleasures? The minority of our subjects are… shall we say, an example for others. As I stated before, I do not tolerate slavery. Many a former co-workers have found themselves on my shelves and study.

My fleet of the greatest minds of all time are an open group. We respect that there are some things out there that just can’t be explained away. Faith, we all rely on it in the field to some degree or other. Many a times it had cost me valuable research in my early years here. Oh, that thing about being a great villain? Yeah, I had started off as a scientist. I still can’t return to Earth you know. That ball of dirt is very chaotic, super heroes this, bad guys that, every man for himself. So yes, we do not mess with faith, so with much sincerity as possible I can say its a miracle I had managed to get off earth with a band of other like-minded individuals.

It’s all for the sake of knowledge, and I’ve been declared a madman because of it. Perhaps there is a major degree of truth in that. Many believed what I had done was an atrocity, and the few times I’ve tried to take them on I had rebounded from forces unseen. Many a times I’ve been overthrown through apparent holy figures, gods in their own right. It had become quite obvious I would have to find my own way. In a turn of extreme irony, a mighty godlike figure assisted me in leaving earth during another extra-terrestrial invasion. Of course earths heroes almost managed to thwart that plan.

If not for the fact that these beings are constantly warring I wouldn’t even bother with Earth any more. However, now and then we’d meet a small band of earthen heroes in over their heads, and up to their torso in hostile armies that we had to save them. Thankfully I’ve managed a sort of truce with them, they leave me be then so will I. On the condition that I assist them when needed and that I not enter the solar system.

Our little neutral ground has always been Alpha Centauri, and every now and then I’d grace them with small technological advances in trade for their slavers and outcast scientists that just can’t seem to ‘repent’ their sins. Other times I’d have to volunteer information, and how much it disgusts me to do so, of an impending threat to the world. Let me tell you, the Milky Way is fairly small compared to the whole Universe, let alone other galaxies. And yet we seem to be the center other Universal resources. It also turns out our galaxy cluster is the only one that has the capabilities of growing chocolate.

No, seriously, we scientists and researchers have tried many times to grow this delectable treat on other galaxies, and have met with many failures. On that note, it seems good Earthen soil is the best soil to work with. Go figure. See? This is that faith bullshit I tell you, some cosmic force out there must really love us to gift us chocolate. We had found a planet so similar to earth that we dedicated it to the advancement of earthen agriculture. So far we’ve started a trade guild from it, and it is a very successful venture if I say so myself.

It is time to go for now, worry not, we shall return soon, we must venture forth with this whole new idea. Time travel, or at least testing the viability of it. Wish us luck!


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