Storytime: Shadowbound.

I had done it. After all these years in hiding I have accomplished my goal. There is not a force in the word to stop me now.

The Shadow Realm.

This is all there is to it, all I have to do is present myself now to the runic matrix.

“Binding Shadows hear my Call, come forth and claim my Soul!”

Slowly and ever so slowly the candles dimmed, the flames dancing and creating writhing shadows. One by one the candles puffed out until one remained. The shadows were alive, and they seek me out. Unnoticed living shadows creeped up my body as a figure made itself known, staring deep into my eyes. It had brought its arm up around the candle, a great claw surrounding the only light source in the room Tell me, what brings you to our realm?

“I seek Power, Balance.”

And what makes you think we have such things.

“Light cannot exist without darkness, yet darkness without light is meaningless. No matter how bright the light there would always be a shadow somewhere.”

Ah yes, another mortal to the slaughter. And what would be your grand tool to accomplish such a lofty goal? The last one to call us had thought his dagger would be enough, fool he was to assume it would be all-powerful The being laughed cruelly.

“Why limit myself to one tool when I make a range of them? I seek Knowledge, I wish to wield the powers of the Shadow. If that means forging my own weapons in the Shadow Realm then so be it.”

A few moments silence as the being thought it over. You are a curious breed of mortal. How exactly do you propose to use our life force I wonder. I sense no dark taint on you, nor any inherent powers.

“I have my own means of doing so, Mother will be most cross with me though when she finds out.”

There was a collective hiss as the snaking tendrils of darkness receded just a little bit. The Mother! How is it you had gained her favor!

I held an arm up, barely concentrating when a flash of fire erupted from my palms, revealing many more shadow figures rushing away from the sudden light, leaving me a little concerned, yet I pressed on. “Do you know how long it took to make a spark? Do you know how much discipline it took to do any psi techniques? It had taken me decades, and more to do the Mother’s bidding. I had seen how messed up our world is, and I intend to bring the balance back to it! Mother may be slow to act, and her agents so small in number, but she had seen my potential, and has allowed me to press on with this. The Light grows lazy and content, the Dark more pressing and corruptive, ever since the invention of the lightbulb and electricity. The dark shall not avail then, and the light shall not do much but blind them, I will see to that myself.”

I let the fire die down to nothing, and the shadows seemed to engulf me, Very well then mortal. We will take you, know this however. Once shadow bound you will forever more be lost to the Kingdoms. You will forevermore be a wandering soul not fit for the fires nor clouds. These gates will evermore be locked to you. Is that a price you are willing to pay Mortal?

“Yes, It is. There is nothing left in this cold world.”

It stared at me judging me, We find you amusing, the pact has been sealed. Come, you have much to learn Mortal.

I was pulled through the shadows with little warning, never to be seen from ever again in this form.

Author’s notesSo far, I’ve decided to write snippets, add-on to this ‘super universe’ idea. We have a Mad Scientist villain, and now this Shadow Agent. Who knows what will happen. leave a like, comment, subscribe, whatever it is people do when they blog. I would eventually like some feedback and ideas. note that not all ideas will be used, but at least considered.


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