The Great Thing About Opinions

After reading through blogs and what not I came across many ‘I was surprised to hear that’ ‘Something inside me changed’ and ‘I never thought about it like that before’ posts. Well, opinions are a great thing because it helps you express yourself, the thing is though, they aren’t quite set into stone. Those that are, usually shatter or erode with age. Opinions change by observation and deduction, new information can present itself at any time really.

My opinion doesn’t really, truly matter on the whole of things, and yet it could have far-reaching consequences to those close to me. I could make or break a person with a few well placed words, and that horrifies me to an extent.

Which also brings up another point, like-minded people can take my plain message and try to understand it in ways it wasn’t meant to be understood. I say something randomly and without meaning and some person along the way hears what I have to say. Who’s to say they don’t spread the word until eventually it gets back to me in a vastly different way than intended. Everyone has their own interpretation of events, and eventually the original context is lost. The news can be full of opinions, as vague and detailed as they are, for us to determine the meaning. Yes, original context can be lost as simple as a thought turned into internal monologue.

Does anyone understand what I’m trying to say? I don’t know myself, and that’s alright -Kenneth


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