Storytime: Mad Scientist II

Very annoying, yet very amusing as well. I may not be able to interact with the timeline, but I can observe it…backwards that is. They always say hindsight is 20/20, oh so true. It’s no use to me now besides reference work. Time travel had been a bust, at least for now. I feel as if though we are oh so very close to achieving dimensional travel though. It had been a year or so of intense study on the part of all of us, amazing how much a crew of ten thousand scientists and engineers can do in a single field of study. Why, put altogether we had done about equivalent amount of subjects and theories, there had been many overlapping studies. So far we’ve put things on hold once more, not because we want to but due to a rising concern.

Somehow we’ve attracted far too much attention of many beings, and they seek to destroy our research, many of which are from deep religious backgrounds if not outright gods. Others yet seek to go back to start their own reign of terror, frivolous goals I say, far too much attention to details, and far too much devastating paperwork.

So far we’ve settled on an abandoned planet, and have since fortified it with lunar defenses while we build up our technological forces. I must applaud them their group and individual efforts to cut us off from our mainline of supplies whilst simultaneously cornering us out here. I’m sure they’ve also taken on our rather large universal forces, to keep them from reaching us. They had made a few rather major mistakes though in their efforts to cage us in.

We are scientists, researchers, and weapons manufacturers, we had singlehandedly taken on major systems and brought them crashing down. Also, they left us with a major asteroid belt surrounding us nearby. Fools that they are to leave us with a resource rich environment to build from. They should also have known that part of my crew have been alive as long as I have, that’s no feat to sneeze at either. This planet had three small moons, compared to Luna of Earth. Still, enough room for orbital defenses and forward outposts.

All this trouble that could have been avoided. Oh well, maybe this will be our base of operations for quite a while, I quite like it here, the sky is ever blue throughout, very peaceful I should say. Plus, chocolate grows plentiful here compared to the other planets we’ve tried. Further research is needed I suppose

Our mining operations are going fabulous, and we’ve gotten five battalions of droids ready for combat, our shipyard is complete and have started building patrol ships and frigates. Soon our major shipyard will be complete and we’ll have combat vessels ready to engage capital ships with abandon. Oh my, this reminds me of the times we’ve raided countless planets and militaries. It has been, oh so long, since we’ve gone all out with minimal resources. Quite fun to build up an army at a drop of a inter-galactic credit.

Imagine, we’ve only been on this planet for a week tops. Our foolish foes are still months away from catching us, by then we’ll be ready for them, oh yes, they won’t expect this at all. We’ve sent quite a few droids out to let our resources know that we’ll be fine, and to take the fight to them in 2 weeks time. It should give them enough of a point to gather their forces.

Now, to set up an outer sphere of forces, perhaps send camobots to the other planet as a distraction, make it seem we’ve got no hope of surviving. We shall see what happens.

Notes: Huh, this might actually turn into a book pretty soon. These concepts wont leave me alone. Stay tuned for future Mad Scientist stories, input is always welcome.


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