Recipe Time! Buckskin Bread!

This is something my mom taught me to do. It’s a bread that usually goes good with the soups she also taught me. We called it buckskin bread (don’t ask, I don’t know, she learned it from her grandmother), its supposed to be a type of flat crunchy bread, yet the way I make it is kinda fluffy. It can also double as fry-bread when portioned and deepfried. It is easy to double or triple really. Usually I don’t measure much and just go with it.

1 cup flour
~2-3 teaspoons baking powder1/3-1/2 cup (any liquid)milk
pinch or so of salt

Preheat oven to 350. Mix half of the flour, baking powder, and salt together. Add in milk and stir until it looks like pancake batter. Slowly mix in rest of flour. It shouldn’t stick to your hands when done. Let it  rest a few minutes, (here is where i knead it a bit, to make it fluffy) then flatten out with your hands, how flat is up to you. Put on baking sheet and put it in the oven. Wait about, 20 minutes(?) give or take. It should be kinda golden brown, hard on top. Cut into squares (corners will be uneven but whatever) or bars. Serve with soup, tada! Buckskin bread!

You could even use this recipe as pizza dough, Add garlic/onion/oregano powder in mix, flatten it as much as you want/can, add sauce then toppings, put in oven, tada! This is a pizza I made with the recipe, cooked chicken, yellow/red peppers, brocoli. The sauce was Prego. It was my first homemade pizza.


It is essentially a blank recipe, you can add your favorite spice, such as oregano, thyme and what not.
Alternatively you could deep-fry them, instead of flattening it all at once, make a ball with some dough, flatten it out into saucer size I want to say. Add to oil wait about say, a min? turn over, should be golden brown when flipped. wait about another minute, take out onto paper towels. Double recipe as needed. To save oil and to get a more bready fry-bread, use enough oil to cover bottom of pan and then some, oil should not cover the dough. This bread you can make indian tacos! Just top with Chili, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and whatever else you want such as salsa, sour cream. Eat with knife & fork.

This is best with soups! Or even just butter and jam!


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