The Sunday Post?

Followers. Hi there, how are you doing today? Figured I’d say something, test the waters so to speak.

I have no idea why you had followed me, and that is fine by me at any rate, but I’m slightly curious. What was it about the posts that you found interesting, and if you have anything to add, now I suppose would be the time to say so. Currently at this time, work is in progress for ‘Mad Scientist’ and a few random posts I’ve been adding to. What I want to know is what would you as a the reader(s) would want to see posted in the future.

Not that I will bend to every whim, but it does influence what will be posted eventually. Also, it would be nice to know if my stated goals are up to par, to bring eye rolling and half smiles.

Another idea that is floating around my head is to slowly work towards a post of the day, for instance lets say sundays will be a weekly log of whats going on in the last week hm? Fridays will be story times so on and so forth. Eventually actually work on a blog instead of a passing fancy.

I would also like a few pointers actually, I have a twitter, but I’ve yet to utilise it to its fullest potential. It seems silly to post random thoughts of the day, but if that is what it takes to get slightly better at socializing why not then. The couple of ‘good posts’ are all nice and dandy, but some criticism would be welcome, let me as a budding writer get better at this. Would it help to have longer posts? Shorter ones? I have no idea, why I’m asking in the first place.

The last week though has been nice if I say so myself. My job doesn’t feel like work though, I get about 20 hours or so of work, then the rest of the week is left open. It should leave me more time to blog. Eventually might look into a second part-time job, just to say I’m doing something. As it is I’m barely ahead on bills, for that I’m thankful. Perhaps I’ll share a recipe later on, perhaps small stories behind said recipes. What stories to tell, to share.

Posts don’t always have to be in book format I suppose, thought out and corrected over and over. Perhaps pretend I’m telling a friend about how my day went and what not. Shaping thoughts into perceived memories, living side by side with the main characters. Some of us read about heroes, yet we never see things from a villains perspective, or the antagonists for that matter. It isn’t some adventure day after day, even bad people need a break now and then, to pretend to be normal.

That is all I wanted to know today, perhaps we’ll see how this goes. -Kenneth


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