Life: Expenses and Bills

Expenses and bills, things you need to pay either way, priorities though are important. Please note, we will talk about vehicles and house care in another post later on.

  1. Always pay the *Bills* first, this includes these things in this order:
    1. Electricity/Water/Sewer/garbage
    2. Insurance
    3. Child support
    4. Fines/Penalties
    5. Vehicle
    6. House repairs
    7. Phone
    8. Internet
    9. Cable
  2. Expenses are things you can spend extra money on:
    1. new electronics
    2. videos
    3. games
    4. eating out(restaurants, drive-thru, take out)
    5. concerts
    6. vacationing

There are laws, rules, guidelines, and so on that should any of the necessities not be paid, you could pay for it in ways you don’t like. You could be evicted from your house for not keeping the utilities on(electricity, heat, garbage, sewage, water). You could face jail time for not paying insurance, child support, and/or fines. Jail time can also be brought from vehicle problems as well which we will cover in another post in the future.

If it seems a bill is too high, then it is time to cut back on expenses, as well as usage. for instance, do you really need to have the hallway light on 24/7? or have the television running all the time? Take shorter showers, or sponge baths. Find a shorter route for your driving. I don’t know, there are plenty of things you can do cut and drop bill prices. If things are getting too out of hand, then drop something else, does one really need the cable if they hardly use it? Do you honestly need a car to get to a desk job a couple blocks down?

New things are luxury unless it is needed. For instance, why upgrade your perfectly working phone for something that had just come out 15 hours ago? Can it wait? Do you really need those new albums that came out 2 days go?

It all comes down to what is needed, and what can wait. Bills first, then secondaries, that is the name of the game. -Kenneth


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