Life: Vehicles

I am not the end all be all when it comes to these things, and advise you to do your research on the subject, but I can share some things that can easily be found around the internet. As well as some common sense stuff, others not so common sense.

  1. Insurance, you must have insurance to drive a vehicle, Always. It is against the law not to have it. You can be fined for it, up to $300, possible jail time. Also, if you do get insurance, get covered in case the other driver DOESN’T have insurance, otherwise you will be liable to pay their repairs and what not.
  2. Seat belts, always. there should not be a reason not to wear them. They do keep you safe during a collision. Also, in some states there are fines for not wearing one.
  3. Cellular devices, big no-no. There is a show on discovery channel called Mythbusters, and they had proven that using a device is just as dangerous, if not more so, than driving under the influence. There are also fines in some states for using such devices while operating(driving) a vehicle.
  4. Drivers License, it is a criminal offense to drive without one in all states. I would advise you to look up your local laws on this, as they vary by state. I would also advise you to get one if possible before even thinking about getting behind the drivers wheel. Even if you think you don’t have the time to get one, GET ONE, sometimes you might just get a judge who doesn’t give a damn about why you don’t have a license at the time, and will throw the figurative book at you. Trust me on this.
  5. Vehicle maintenance, please if possible, keep your vehicle in running condition. Bald tires can be fined and penalized, these can lead to failure and could cause a collision. Also, it costs more money to get it towed from the middle of nowhere than it does to get it repaired/replaced in the first place. It is possible to go part hunting at the wreckage lot, you could find nice deals for used parts. Just know that they may wear out faster than something new. Also know when something is done in, and would be advisable to just get something new. For a comical example please go back and read my earlier Storytime post.
  6. Hit and Run, don’t do it, period. Watch your surroundings, do not drive impaired, this would include DUI, medication issues, or exhaustion. Nothing worse than finding you are going to be accused of vehicular assault/manslaughter, especially if said victim is a child. I understand these type of things happen, but it is our responsibility as the driver to prevent this from happening on our end.

Further posts will be made as needed. Google is your friend. I know this is very incomplete, and very vague, but its my post, and if you wish to comment, do so. I’m always up to learning something new, and who knows, your knowledge might help others. -Kenneth


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