Storytime: Mad Scientist III

“Well, all things considered we had not calculated that this was also their emergency outpost.” I had rambled to my auto-logger. “What were the odds of that, we were somewhat foolish to not check below us for any hidden surprises. Honestly they had their own defensive set up as well for any invaders, and yet we managed to set up our base without their sensors even picking us on any radar.” chuckling a little I glance at the holomap in front of me.

The droids were doing alright so far for a sudden attack, their protocols insured that. We had been expecting them to come along in an ambush, we never expected them to suddenly pop in past our outposts via portal. “I smell a traitor in the ranks once more. Really, with all the examples I had set in the past you’d think the crew would know better by now. Mutiny and treachery are not tolerated on my ships. Still, what is the Admiral to do in this situation, decisions, decisions. Then again what is a head researcher to do, or even the villain overlord… Something to ponder.”

We had managed to get a second major shipyard up and running, so far we had 4 battleships in orbit, 2 more assisting the patrolling vessels around the asteroid belts. Quite a few cruisers ready to launch, though most likely wouldn’t survive intense combat, they were reserves mainly to harass our opponents.

“Our chocolate production is going well, to be fair though we have made it almost into an art. I just wish we had more time to work on that project. A whole planet dedicated to chocolate production, it boggles the mind. This would make a nice profitable enterprise being one of the major producers of the stuff.” I stared wistfully at the production plant. So far we had managed to smuggle out a few tons of the stuff. “I love being a scientist at times, we had managed to increase the rate of which plants grow by fifty-fold.”

The whole building shuddered as our mega-blasters went to work assisting the orbital defenses. “I say its time to prep our emergency escape routes, just in-case. We can leave the traitors to fend for themselves. Also, destroy any time-relevant research, it simply is not to be. For now.” A few rapid commands and all relevant research had been destroyed and erased. “Such a shame, time wasted for nothing. This chocolate venture, will not be wasted in vain, we will be back, assuming we’re leaving of course. Signing off.”

That’s it for now, I have a general overview of what I want this character to be, just not where I’m going with the plot. If I am somehow crossing over to credited authors or copyrighted materials, that is not my intention. If any of the components are recognizable or the same as any other works, that is not my intentions to copy, and any works done here are purely coincidental.

Furthermore, this is mostly a writing exercise , just to see what people think, and to refine my skills a little. Let me know what you think. -Kenneth


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