What a week, so far its been hectic. I’ve been looking for a secondary job, that suddenly turned into top priority. I’ve been terminated from my previous set up, and that’s fair enough I say. It was only an option really, and I wasn’t too keen on keeping it past a year or two at the most. Although I fear it may be a mark against a resume I may set up in the future.

Right now though, I’m on the look out for another job. Although I’m slowly getting a handle on this blogging thing. I wouldn’t venture out to call myself experienced, but at least a hobbyist blogger I suppose. I know for sure I’m not using this to its full potential. I wasn’t expecting any followers to be a little honest, this was just a passing fancy, but it lets me rant and rave, perhaps provide some insight for some people. I don’t know, but hey, its something yes?

Also, I don’t think I mentioned this, but I’m a… novice? crocheter, and so far I’ve made 3 blankets, many pairs of wrist warmers, some scarves, and headbands. I’m wondering if anyone would like to see my works in a future post or not. So far my current projects include 2 more blankets.

One I’m thinking of selling as soon as its done. The colors are a little iffy in my opinion, but then again, I’ve seen some crazy colored blankets out there so this one might actually have a chance of selling. Its orange, red, and blue. Like I said, iffy colors, but I don’t want it in autumn colors, a little too cliche in my opinion. Still, its something¬†I suppose. Perhaps I’ll post it later on if enough interest comes up.

The other blanket is a mish-mash of purples, pinks, and something called….’olive?’ I don’t see it, but its like dark cotton candy I suppose? It is essentially blues/purples blended together, kinda like a berry smoothie I suppose. This I was also planning on selling somewhere down the line.

I suppose, it wouldn’t hurt to show a preview of one of my works. Don’t mind the background. This blanket I made for a cousin for Christmas about 3 years ago. It is about twin size, and according to her brother who uses it now and then, its comfy and warm.(cont.)


I like to think that I’ve come further along for that particular hobby, and my stitching has evolved somewhat. I suppose this is my calling card pattern, the diamond pattern. Not that I’m claiming it as such, but I seem to keep coming back to it. Originally I started out with knitting, if only because of a piece my mom had that she had gotten from her aunt. It was a headband, it was thick white, and had colored tassels? tinsel? woven into it. I liked it and wanted to recreate it. Knitting was a bust.

Well, that’s not completely true. I made my first scarf, headbands, and wrist warmers from knitting. Sadly I don’t think any of those works survived, mainly due to my poor stitching skills, or lack of. It was a learning experience, and so I took up crochet work. So far its paying off nicely, and looks relatively nicer compared. I have yet to completely remake mom’s old headband sadly, something I plan on working towards anyway.

So far that is a slice view of Kenneth Pickernell the Third. Tune in next Sunday for another update. For further news, and updates follow me on my twitter¬†(@trihazard for those that can’t use the link for one reason or another). -Kenneth


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