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Ok, so we covered Bills, some of the vehicle, and some food skills. Lets get to our next topic, Home. Supposedly this is where the heart is, and I’m kinda inclined to believe that.

Remember this, even if you must make a plaque for it, repeat after me: “A Tidy Home, Is A Tidy Mind”

This can possibly be done in a single day. Or you can draw it all out one day per room until you eventually get a nice habit and routine going. I don’t claim to know everything, and this here post is just flying through the keyboard. For some reason the ‘life skills/hacks’ won’t leave me alone lately, so bear with me.

Start with your sleeping area. if this is also your living area then so be it. Clothes go into their assigned piles. Clutter gets sorted: garbage, keep, storage, charity. Any and all cutlery such as plates, bowls, cups, knifes, forks spoons go to the kitchen area to be washed and sorted later. Any used disposable cutlery go in the garbage. any unused are to be set aside to be used. I don’t know about you, but unless you’re not going to use it RIGHT AWAY there is no need to keep those 4 plastic utensils. They are generally 2-4 uses for the moment.

Make the bed, set it up for the next time you sleep. sweep off any crumbs, debris, and what not. Sheets should be flat. The pillow(s) in an orderly fashion. And the blanket/comforter ready to use, be it folded neatly at the end, or covered hotel style, I don’t know, just ready for use instead of clumped together.

Paperwork, find a place to put it, in a neat pile. Don’t read it just yet, just make sure its in a neat pile somewhere out-of-the-way.

Clean the floors, big and small stuff that can’t be swept are to be set aside to sort. Sweep, vacuum, mop if applicable the floors. Done. Repeat as needed for other rooms. (for those who rent/own a house but no one to share it.)

Next is the bathroom. Anything that doesn’t belong is to be set aside somewhere it does. Anything older than a month that you hardly use is to be replaced or tossed. Immediately by the sink should be: Soap, Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving equipment(razor, shaving cream, aftershave). That’s it. Anything else needs to be sorted through, and put away in an orderly fashion. There is a reason you bought a make up bag, why there might be a cabinet behind the mirror. Let me tell you, that is a poor place for medicine, it is a humid environment, and could spoil the medicines quickly.

Hair ties, clips, bobby pins, where do I put such things? Ziplocks. Is is glamorous? nope, but it works. If you must go fancy by all means do so. Just remember to use these devices yes? Why spend $50+ on a bag for something so frivolous I’ll never now.

Electronics should be put in a dry place after use, go buy a tub/bin with a lid to set aside, even a cardboard box with a towel over it could work. You could electrocute yourself, you could even damage the device by letting it slip into the draining tub/sink. So please, take care of such electronics.

Wipe down the shower/bath regularly, perhaps even semi-immediately after use. Clean the drain of hair, get a drain strainer if you must. You do not want to call a plumber only to have him pull out giant wads of hair now do you? That stuff will put your pets to shame.

Get a suction cup shower basket, if you have one, then sort it out! Anything you don’t use regularly put aside somewhere else. Basics: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash (soap, liquid wash, whatever). Any specialized stuff use when needed as needed. Nothing worse than reaching for that special hair care stuff and grabbing the body wash or lotion.

Keep the bathroom swept and mopped. You just got done getting cleaned, you don’t need your feet getting dirty directly afterward yes?

Living area should be swept and orderly. remember to… tape down the furniture? for pet hairs (if applicable). Paperwork again, goes into the neat pile to be sorted later. If applicable vacuum/mop the floors regularly. Dust now and then, perhaps once a week. Any and all dishes/utensils are to be put in the kitchen to be washed and sorted. Used plastic/paper/Styrofoam is to be tossed. any unused to be sorted to be used eventually.

Kitchen area time. Any pointless cardboard such as can holders, soda boxes, used packaging, plastic wraps, so on goes in the garbage. Dishes are to be washed, I’d recommend doing plates first, bowls, utensils, then cookware.

The counters and oven are to be sterilized, and organized. Cans in their areas as follows: Fruits on one side somewhere, veggies on the other, fast meal cans/boxes in another area, baking stuff. Pots and pans are to be sorted somewhere in an orderly fashion. dishes in an easy reach area, utensils in a drawer or sorter. Any dish left out without a purpose, can turn into an avalanche of dishes eventually.

Keep the floors swept and mopped. Now and then, at least once a month, try to get the coils on the fridge cleaned off. It will help keep the thing cool and in working order.

Remember, one thing at a time, eventually this will be a force of habit, and one less thing on your mind. Simple generalized orders. I did not say move all the furniture around, dig around all the corners, or wipe down the windows. However, doesn’t it feel good, looking around a tidy place? Yes, I know, children can turn simple chores into a nightmare, but there are quite a few exceptions on the constant war between tidy and children.

if you have anything to say, please do so. These help my improve, as

Repeat after me. A Tidy Home, Is a Tidy Mind -Kenneth


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