Mad Scientist IV

“So on your heads, be damned.” I declare to my former co-researchers, as I press a few buttons. The cell doors slowly slide closed. “Let this be another lesson to you all. There will be no mutiny on my ships.” I turn back to the camera, and stare directly at the lens. “There is no reason to try to kill me, or your co-workers, for your death in our hands will be…. slow, and very agonizing. Remember how you lived so far, and who can at any moment take that away from you.”

The battle had been won, although it was sobering how many treacherous crew members there were. Our current foe, agreeing to flee once we had cornered the last of them in their main headquarters. For now we let them prep their escape craft, which would be leaving quite soon. The traitorous crew members through, will be sent to the HR&D, Human Research and Development. Their muffled screams dying a way as the airtight doors slide closed on them. Their last moments recorded and sent through live feed across the local screens. The rest of the crew forced to watch as former comrades were condemned in mute horror.

“Eternal life is a hard-won gift, but in their hands, a curse. I wish, that I could say this mutiny was a surprise, but that would be a lie.” I say as I hold up a vial, it had the key for eternal life. “If you feel as if you need to leave this crew, simply ask, and I shall appease. If you feel as if you lived your life to the fullest and wish to pass on to the great beyond, all you have to do is ask.”

I viciously toss the vial into a corner, and bring forth a far more sinister looking syringe. “This vial, here, has the lock to immortality. At any moment, I can take your lives.” The lens seems to adjust, compensating for the sudden wave of power unleashed from me. “However, you will be denied release, when you try to take over my hard-won position of power. This is not some silly republic, or democracy. This is a Dictatorship, and you will do well to remember that!” With a telekinetic command all the cannons facing the retreating forces fired full broadside barrages, every battle vessel nearby was firing full blast. “You are all at my mercy, I could have started over as I had done two hundred years go. I had detonated the nearest star. That day I vowed to never let treachery reign, to never again commit such atrocities. Be thankful I’m an easy going dictator. Dismissed!” All the monitors went back to their standard programming as the fleet wide communications went back to normal.

“Such waste, dealing with greed.” I whisper to myself as I look through the shielded port window at the torn up planet. Debris floating here and there of former battle vessels.

The barrage lasted barely a minute, but the only thing that remained was scorched bedrock, the crater of the planet seen from the 2nd moon, the furthest one from the planet. The nuclear fallout taken out by the pure energy annihilating everything it touched. In some places the tectonic plates, weakened by such devastation opened up, magma spilling forth in a raging torrent. “So far, I’m thankful that we had managed to make our weapons calibrated to leave as little fallout. Nature, is a harsh bitch when it comes to balance, and I’m thankful I managed to repent and repair that which I’ve done.”

“Auto log entry. It appears our research had brought forth the gaze of The Mother. I hope this is sufficient enough to appease her. Being an agent and bringer of justice is hard, when one must be the bloody dagger instead of the righteous sword. A lesson that had been hard learned.” Our heavy frigates, armed with planet crackers went to work firing into bases hidden throughout the planet, using precision strikes to deal local destruction. “With this sacrifice and offering, Mother, please leave me be.” With that I turned to start the procedures on our new subjects.

A little bit of background story for this here story. This had been simple acts I do to keep myself busy. I pretend that I’m an evil overlord, or sometimes a scientist  set in space. Eventually down the line I want him to remember an event from ages back when he started arming his first flagship. A thought that always stuck with me is ‘how many cannons can we put on there?’ and further on ‘Good lord! How many canons are on this thing?!’ and his reply would be ’32 cannons.’ or something like that. I may have a bit of free time and a house to myself.

Feed back is nice, anything recognizable here is simply coincidence. -Kenneth


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