Post: 6/19/16

This week from the sunday post. I lost my wallet. I have no phone surprisingly enough to report it at the time. So now I’m impatiently waiting to get to it. I am hoping it was simply reported in and returned via mail, but I have little hope for that. Such is life, apparently this is the downhill point for a bit. Eventually things will start looking up.

Sorry for the lack of any posts this week, I am currently just now using a computer. There will be an abundant amount of posts today to cover for last week. Surviving is a good thingĀ I say, so is being resourceful. There will come a point when you just simply ask for help. I am not quite at that point, but slowly getting there. The job search is going decent enough. Although with the loss of my wallet and being the weekend I have been stalled until I report stuff.

Thankfully, salvation is near the corner, in some form or another. We gotta stay positive during these times. We can stay pessimistically optimistic you know, and I’m pretty sure its a complaint in some way.

Its not all bad news though, I had a nice visit at my aunt’s house for a few days. I got to see my cousins, just generally get out of the house for a few days. I’ve been working on a small e-book. A silly topic honestly, who wants to know about doing laundry? Well, quite a few people had the same idea if amazon is any indicator, about 17,000 other books just like it. Perhaps I’ll start publishing Mad Scientist by the chapter, I don’t know. Just seeing how things go eventually.

So, the week was… meh. the kind where you know its gonna be a bad day so might as well do all else to make it bearable. -Kenneth.


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