I had done a bit of soul-searching recently. Not much really, just a quiet day and sitting there, wondering what to post, then all hell broke loose. Screaming, crying, thumping noises, yes, kids. Within moments I had a headache, then it hit me, I don’t like kids. I know, I wouldn’t be saying so if I had one of my own. Still, hear me out on this one, I may not like kids, but that does not entitle me to be a total ass towards them.

If a toddler comes up to me with a play phone and tells me to talk, gosh darn it I will play along. Why? Well, look at it this way, have you ever felt rejected 24/7, put down by the people you looked up to? Yes, the things we do our significant people find weird and annoying, and that hurts. Apply this to children, we are the ‘adults’, the grown ups. We shape their futures you know, not by words, but actions. Eventually they figure out that ‘No’ means stop doing that. The thing they think is the best thing since sliced bread yes?

So, I may not personally like kids, but I will put up with them, especially when they are related. You know why, they will come to depend on you in the future.

There you have it, a post for the week. If you don’t like kids, don’t put them down, be understanding at least. After all, you too were once a kid, and you had disappointments, don’t spread that to the new generation.



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