Mad Scientist V

“Log entry. We have managed to cleanse the planet enough. We shall return now and then to begin the colonization of it. I will not let that planet go to waste, it had great soil, especially for our chocolate productions.” The steady darkness with the occasional star passed by the port window. “Until then, all we can do is go back to business. Perhaps now would be a good plan to temporarily slow down, and settle down a bit. Plan how our housing will look there. Such blue skies, honestly it was a travesty to destroy the place a bit. Close Log.”

I turn to the camera and activate it. “Lets make for The Sector. We need to recruit more crew members to fill out the ranks once more. Take the scenic route, we want to shake off any pursuers. Ready the drones for evasive maneuvers, and set up the hologram decoys. We are going to do some preemptive strikes. Do unto others before they can do unto you I say.”

With a flurry of activity I turned back to the main console. “We shall strike them hard and fast. Quite obviously the Mother, is quite furious with someone other than us. It would be best to strike where she seems to find the most offensive.” I look over to the wall with a preserved cork board on it, filled with news paper clippings and pictures. “How the mighty seem so strong, and yet so weak. Such a shame that childhood heroes are just a falsehood.”

There on the board was many stories of vigilantes, many pictures of a man using strange otherworldly powers to overcome foes. Occasionally there would be a picture of a woman flying around, tossing foes left and right. Perhaps a story of how a city was saved thanks to these brave souls.

“Heroes. Why have I ever considered being one. The cape wears heavy some used to tell me. I don’t think it was the cape to be honest, it was themselves and their doubt. Still, it was a moral event horizon that stops them from taking the practical steps. Why battle the same people over and over? Why keep putting your loved ones in danger constantly.” I shake my head in disgust. “Heroes never do the ‘right’ thing, they only cover the symptoms. Eventually it all comes around to maul them down. Never in the last six hundred years have I seen a hero step up to do what needs to be done.”

Our ship slows down as we come across a chaotic planet. Its volcanos constantly erupting. The tectonic plates shifting every other year. This planet was still in its beginnings, and yet its life force was corrupted. Sprawling across its surface was mass cities, protected by shields. It never helped, with its rampart crime and destruction. “The Chronical, of course the mother would be upset with them. Constantly in a state of war, it seems as if though something there has offended the Mother greatly. This is supposed to be the Heroes business. I guess they’ve been slipping once again.”

“Ready the battle stations, we are going to do a hit and run at these points. No lingering. This is going to be one of many ventures, so be ready.”  I declare to the activated camera. “Try to keep the ‘civilian’ casualties low. Our main goal is to take out the shipyards and labs. I know its blasphemy, but we can not allow them to succeed in their ventures, they are working on a star killer weapon.” There wasn’t much else we could do, but we could set them back until the ‘heroes’ investigate. Infighting amongst villains is apparently common. “Go.”

Hello there readers, I hope you’re enjoying the series so far. I’m starting to see where this is going, though everything is still murky. Let me know what you think of the main character and what else you would like to see. Perhaps a secondary or something, a antagonist perhaps? Any and all reviews are welcome.


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