Post 6/26/16

as of 6/20/16 I have 20 followers, yeah! Truthfully I never expected to get any traffic at all honestly. I have three comments. Hey, its a start I say.

In other news, my blanket projects are doing just fine for the moment. I’m slowly running out of yarn though, and will probably have to make a lap blanket out of the rest. here is the progress so far on the blue/red/orange one.


Eh….I still think the colors are a bit iffy. Still, it is most definitely going to be a blanket of some form. I’m thinking of selling this sometime down the road, depending on the reaction I get from it.

So far, the hobbies are ok. Just wish I had the guts to actually market myself, to sell stuff for a living. Stay at home and make money to live off of.

that’s all I gotta say for this week really. The wallet is stil missing, and now I’m waiting to get replacement stuff. I might not have any posts this week, so we’ll just wait and see what happens.



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