Living: Yourself

As always, I do not know everything, some of this is research, most of it is observation and guesswork. Do your research, there are many info sites out there to help you out. For serious issues I’d recommend a bit more professional help. On with the post.

There comes a point in life, when a person just becomes apathetic to everything, no motivation to do much. Even basic human needs become neglected. To get back on your feet, is a dauntless task, and seems impossible.

Still, it is possible, all it takes is small steps at a time. Priority Number One, is you, the reader. Take care of yourself and the rest will eventually fall in place. Lets get started shall we?

Have you done the essentials today? Do these things if you haven’t, take as long as needed. Have you:
Drank anything?
Changed your clothes, your bed sheets?
Gotten 8 hours of sleep?
Talked to anyone recently?
Gone outside?

Take on this list, one at a time in whatever order you see fit. A good sleep time is usually 7-9, average we can live up to 11 days without sleep before exhaustion starts to kill us. On the flip side, oversleep can lead to many health problems later on. I understand that illness can factor in for oversleep, but the moment you sleep 10-12 hours a day is the point you might consider getting back to a 9-7 sleep cycle.

Standard hygiene, this includes: hand washing, brushing your mouth, showers, and frequent change of clothes, at least once a day. If you want a good example of what poor hygiene does look at history, there have been many outbreaks of disease and what not. Getting a cut or any wound usually means infection unless covered asap, in many conflicts leading up to and past WWII infection was an army killer. Getting bitten was pretty much a permanent maiming usually with the loss of limbs or life if left untreated way back then.

Also, hygiene helps us socialize more, doing so by increasing our self-confidence as well as how others perceive us. Look at victims of natural disasters, when given the chance to wash clothes, use hot showers, they look so joyous yes? That is the power of good hygiene, you don’t quite realize what you’re missing until its gone

I give it about 3 weeks before lack of food kills you, or at least when your body starts shutting down. Somewhere about then the bacteria and what not begin to eat you alive. So, please remember to eat yes? Even one good meal a day, or small snacks throughout the day will be sufficient.

Three-four days without water can kill you though depending on the environment, the hotter the faster, the colder the longer. “Recommended” amount is 8×8 ounces of water throughout the day. Lack of water is bad, but ‘too’ much in a short period of time is just as bad, the delicate balance of minerals and what not in the body drops.

Lets go for a quick walk yes? Well, at least get outside for a bit. How long is entirely up to you as long as you promise to spend at least 10 minutes in the sun. It will help clear that pasty grey tone skin. The fresh air is a good thing too I suppose.

Take care of yourself, because apparently no one else will, and once you do that, you will realize everyone was worried about you. Your little quirks that slowly vanished, things that let them know you were happy once. Perhaps that little tune you used to sing under your breath went silent, your jokes had turned crude and mean. I don’t know, but someone out there is missing that about you. Where’s the greens, yellows, all those bright colors you used to wear? Remember the hang out spot? Where you had gotten together for a fun time, yeah they’re waiting for you somewhere out there.

Find people to be with, even if it is just one person. We humans are social creatures you know, even a hermit like me gets out now and then.



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