Mad Scientist VI

“Log entry. We had lost about eighty percent of our drones, and our flagship is in need of some decent repairs that onboard stations just can’t provide. We have made it to The Sector, where our shipyards here were top notch and somewhat specialized for research vessels. However, being deep space, piracy is rampant, and all craft are to be armed with at least class three cannons at the minimum.” I report looking over the drones and engineers get to work on the somewhat scorched vessel. I reach for a quick sip of hot chocolate, still an amazing versatile food, chocolate.

“Thankfully, we are more than armed with our class five through ten cannons. Even if we can’t exactly use the forward class ten cannon in standard fights.” One of the cannons had to be cut out, as it had sustained heavy fire at one point, others had their barrels replaced since the coolant was overcome by the constant fire, and had melted some of them closed. “I had known that we would be going from battle to battle, but i had not accounted being in constant battle. So it would appear that some of our weapons will have to calibrated for constant firing. Perhaps the stern facing weapons.”

I observed some tech workers were busy loading some tools in, as well as replacement parts. “Our ship may be EMP resistant, yet sustained EMP blasts will get through and damage some nominal systems which thankfully had reduntant back ups. War is constantly evolving, all wars eventually become ingenuity verses innovation, what works today will not work tomorrow, so it is best to be flexible to some degree.”

I bring forth the blueprints for the ship, it had become readily apparent that some upgrades will be needed. Some redundant systems replaced since modern armament had effectively made previous systems null. “Systems that had worked five years ago have now since become obsolete. It had been about ten years or so since we’ve been in heavy combat though. Some of our light class cannons barely penetrated some hulls.

Halfway through converting some stats I froze. “Oh. Well alright then, I had an epiphany, the universe is totally unaware of me and the researchers. We had almost become a myth.” I swing around my antiqued work chair over to a different computer. “Yes. It would seem we are a dead or dying society. Reports claim that our forces were weak and that our research had stagnated. How novel, we had almost become forgotten.”

I stare down at the screen, mind racing with information as it had become available. “The situation from about fifteen years back where we had been pushed back by a rival group for resources, they  had claimed that I had died and my ship heavily damaged. I remember that, we had prepared a decoy ship to fool them. Apparently it had worked a little too well. No wonder the new blood was in a mutiny. The people had forgotten my face. My, my, my….what to do with this information.”

“End log. Edgar, activate some intelligence drones, we need information. Keep this under the cloaks if possible. There is something we must find out. Gather any news you can about us. Any news in the last fifteen years, apparently I am dead and our group is in its death throes without a leader.” With that my second in command nodded before going about his tasks.

The man had been with me for the last two-hundred years now, plenty of times to move on but declined every time. He had brought me back from whatever darkness I had spiraled into. It is hard proving it, but I feel as if though he saved my life some how. Of course there is no evidence of it, since the star system had been blown to fragmented debris and soaring through space now. It had been shortly after that when the Mother caught up to me.

Yes, I dare say Edgar is somewhat important to me, and lets keep it at that.

Hello reader(s), another installment of Mad Scientist series. Think of this as small insights of a character and not the full book. Also going to start adding other characters in, see where this leads to.

Remember, this is mostly a writing exercise to keep myself busy. Let me know what you think and what you would like out of this.


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