Quick Question.

Disclaimer and spoiler alerts ahead, I do not own any recognizable stuff in this post, and is just reference to the original owner(s) works.

Tell me readers. Would you be Ruthless…. or Cruel?

I know some are a little confused so lets elaborate a bit.

You become a villain, and you have a ‘hero’ at your feet defeated. What would you do? Put them out of their misery or torture them? Quick and painless, or slow and drawn out? That is the difference between the two.

[Spoiler!!!] Think ruthless as Severus Snape, he killed Albus Dumbledore with a killer spell, end of story. Cruelty would be up Bellatrix Lestrange’s alley, she would probably use the pain curses and spells more than likely. I’m sure she can be ruthless, but it would be less fun I suppose for her.

Should I delve into the realm of evil, I would be ruthless. Cruelty is just… a strange concept to me. I’m sure I could be cruel, who isn’t? Yet it isn’t something that is appealing to me. Cruelty should be reserved as last resort honestly.

How about this, would you rather read about a ruthless person, or a cruel one?



One thought on “Quick Question.

  1. I would be ruthless, there is no reason just the fact that I can’t understand how anyone could hurt someone like mentally and physically abusing them to the point of them breaking. It wouldn’t do anything to make me feel any positive feelings like pride or happiness

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