Post 7/3/16

A small story just for the heck of it.

I used to own a typewriter I had found at a thrift store, it had one of those unlimited ink ribbons on it made of cloth or something like that. It worked wonderfully, even made a dinging noise. I had made many short stories, messed around, and tried to do typewriter art once. Yeah it was a blast. I think I had it for like 8 years or something like that.

Then a bad situation came up, and I lost it. That really was a downer you know. I’m sure I could go get another better one, but that was my first one, favorite one honestly.

Eh, life happens just gotta mosey along.

So, I crochet sometimes, and if you check my Instagram you’ll see I made three pairs of warmers. Blanket project is on hold on the account of no more yarn. T_T

Still, nothing much this week, just another peek in my life.



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