The 4th.

Ok everyone, settle down. Some of us actually work this day and can only celebrate it a couple of days ago, or tomorrow. Now, let’s have a safe ‘independence’ day yes? There is nothing more downing than finding out a friend or relative is in the hospital because of the stupidity of others or themselves. Now, lets start with a somewhat obvious one.

Alcohol, please use in moderation, or if you *Must* go overboard, then please be responsible and let someone else handle the driving and other tasks. I just KNOW this is a late warning, but still. It is unavoidable really, I’m just making sure you readers are at least careful. Also, go with back up people! Buddy system y’all! As fun it is to celebrate, there are those that take advantage of that, and possibly you. This goes for you men too, don’t be rolling your eyes and scoffing now.

Also for those that can, and those that do it anyway, Please be careful with the gunpowder yes? Accidents do happen. SO, keep a fire extinguisher handy, be it an actual extinguisher, or a garden hose with a  spray nozzle. (-.-)This isn’t ye’ old days where you need a chain of people and many buckets of water.

Just because your eight year old ‘can’ toss an explosive and have it go off in the air, does not mean that your four-year old can. Also, said four year old might not know the difference between a crackling ball and a smoke bomb, or cherry bomb for that matter, those circle/sphere ones. Also, be safe with the artillery rounds, sometimes they can explode in the tube.

Rockets, the stick is for a semi-stable flight, not just to hold the rocket in place, take that off and it will fly everywhere, even in an open window. Just because it is a small yield, does not mean it can’t start a fire, the ‘rocket’ part is continuous, so if it hits curtains and gets stuck, guess what happens. Or dry grass for that matter.

Going along with that line of thought, drive safe, it should be a given. Yet children have the tendency to run into the road without warning you know, and usually for the most trivial of things.

I’m not saying don’t celebrate this holiday, just be careful yes?



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