Mad Scientist VII

“Yes, treachery apparently is worse than weeds in a garden, persistent and annoying. It seems we must become Overlord once more.” Here I was once more at the console, going through data as quickly as I could. “Edgar is pretty efficient, and it shall be praised later under better circumstances. Now, to deal with this problem.” With that I turn to the private channels.”Edgar, get ready for the Overlord plan, we shall show this universe that we are not to be messed with. To show who is running this show.”

“Yes Overlord, Thy will be done.”

“We’re going for shock and fear, our target will be very high-profile.” I say, as I open a hidden compartment, bringing out some advanced eyewear. The simple glasses apparently change my whole demeanor, add to the formal armor I don it gives me a somewhat fearful appearance.

“Droids are all well and good for fodder, but we’ll need some smarter firepower this time. Get the Red Triangle crew up and running.”

He looks sharply at me, before nodding. “Should we prepare the 18th as well?”

Pausing for a moment I think about it. “I said fear, not blubbering terror, but if you think it is needed then do so. Why bring them up? Is there something in the report I missed?”

He looks around, silly really since he’s the only one there, he responds “It might be, we also might have to do some… Collateral damage. It may go against our codes of conduct, but things need to be stirred up sir. The heroes are slacking, most of them not even fit for fodder. It appears they’ve gone complacent sir, the Chronical were just one group preparing for war, I say its prudent to arm up in kind.”

I frown in contemplation. “The question then, who do we fight against, what’s your take on this.”

“I say we strike at everyone, we need them all to focus on something other than each other. We might have to destroy a planet or two, we might even have to take on some of the mightiest empires out there. It will take a few months to get everything ready for such a large campaign, and we will be locked in once we start.”

“And if we don’t? What do you think our options will be?”

“We could join the heroes, push them along until balance is found once more. We probably won’t be taken serious. We start from the shadows, do some sabotage, espionage, and a few quiet assassinations. Our foes will be weakened, and we won’t have to do as much damage initially compared to the full on war.”

“Yet we’ll still be in a war anyway, but not as a primary force, more of a supporting role. No one will take us seriously would they?”

“No sir.”

I stand up and start pacing, thinking about the options. “Do we have anyone trustworthy to carry such tasks? Our recent mutiny shows that cracks are forming once more. How do we know that the whole chain isn’t compromised.” I stalk over to the wardrobe, switching out the lab coat for an armored trench coat. “I know for sure we don’t have enough forces to make waves across the whole universe. Even if we strike in a years time it is unlikely we’d pull it off successfully.” I put on some arm braces, polished to a shine, it looked innocent enough unless activated.

“Sir, as i said, we’d be ready in about six months to put on a show.”

“a show isn’t enough, people believe us dead. They believe ME to be dead.” I retort as I adjust the collar. The nano-machines take care of the rest as they start the turn the systems online. Some adjust my appearance, others start building up nanoweave for my protection. I take a small vial from the shelf, and drink it down, suddenly my body seems to reverse itself, my greying hair recedes, making way for the jet black hair it used to be. Wrinkles disappear, and my eyesight improves. “We will show them that we the researchers are not dead, not by a long shot. Prepare everyone that needs to know. The crew can wait, we have some scum to take on. The 18th will take on planetary traitors. Prepare the Triangle for our mutinous crew.”


With that I cut the line. “It feels good to put this back on.” I slip on the eyewear and suddenly take on a menacing look. “Let the universe fear us once more.”

Hello readers, few as that may be, I’m sorry for the saturday post as opposed to the usual friday. It is 8am, and I had to rush this one, so it isn’t as polished as it could be, not that the rest are polished much anyway. Moving on, I hope you like it, leave a comment or so, let me know what you think, share it if you must, and see you again later. -Kenneth


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