I found some more yarn! So far I’ve been working a little overtime making some warmers. here is a small sample of what I’ve been working on.


According to my aunt, they are comfortable and warm. Currently, I’m trying out new techniques, and it is going alright so far. Don’t mind the blue/green one, that is a special pair for a relative who is a fan of the seahawks. Other than that, eh, it is progress. I’m slowly working up a stock to sell eventually. In other news, I got my replacement cards in, and just waiting for my replacement drivers license.

I got a couple of┬ápeople asking for local team specific colors, and why not, I just wish I had the team specific colors to do so. Its just trying to do the designs is kinda tough, I’m mostly learning through YouTube and Google searches. Mistakes have been made, and many have been corrected through trial and error.

Other than that, my cousins start summer work tomorrow, I wish them well on that.



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