Trying to Etsy, Nope Nevermind

So, as some of you repeat readers know, I crochet. I decided to try and open an etsy account and got stuck trying to list my products. Apparently I have no idea how much these things weigh, nor the cost of shipping. There is quite a bit one must do to get up and running surprisingly enough.

‘Go start an etsy! it will be fun and you can do it!’

Yeah, right, if it is so simple you go open one. Perhaps I’m just lazy about it, the internet is an open place, for the most part, for researching. I want to sell locally but there seems to be no interest in it.

I’ve had many ask me about buying a blanket but none willing to actually spend for it. Perhaps I’m going about this wrong, it wouldn’t surprise me. Bah, don’t mind me, I’m just ┬áhere to rant a little. Oh the injustice of it all! Woe is me, Woe is me, I’m lazy. Eh, whatever, if there is any interest let me know either in the comments, my twitter, or email, all of which can be found on my contact page. Perhaps you can tell me what I can do to sell or something.

Other than that, here is a couple close ups of one of my works, enjoy in compensation to my rant.

Made with a 8 crochet hook, 30 stitches across, about 25 or so up. Simple braid stitch I think? The bottom and tops are made with, post stitches? Eh, I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will let me know what I’m trying to say. The thumb parts are a good indicator of which ones go on whatever hands.




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