500 Word Distraction

Do you have what it takes to write an article for a major website? This isn’t just some random article you can post about, you have a deadline, you must get the tone right otherwise your article will just be passed on. Also, there are restrictions and limits you must abide. For instance, say an article has to be 300 words long, but the subject matter needs much details than 300 words can fit in. Well, that’s why you link to original information.

Also, for articles with no restriction on word counts, you must keep an audience engaged, which means a shorter post. Sometimes we must break down a 2,000 word post into separate ones. A nice ending would be ‘More information is being gather so stick around for a follow-up article’ or some such. Turn a single article into many, spanning the length of say, five days or so. That is how major news sites keep people interested in their works, by baiting them with just enough information.

One could also add in nonsense words to extend a word or two, to make it seem as if though there is more information than there actually is. Just to make the reader go through a whole pointless paragraph for no reason really. Filler content, sort of to build up the suspense and what not. Kind of like this paragraph really. Still reading this are you? Well, move along nothing to see here, ignore the man behind the curtain.

Another way to do so is go off tangent now and then, talk about what you think on the subject, point out pointless things. Or draw attention away from the main point and use a scapegoat stereotype. Kind of like how a writer comments on how the day is, or points out the obvious. Perhaps the killer was the butler, but we will not find out until the official police investigation has wrapped up and the department releases a statement. There was evidence that there could be multiple suspects, more news at 11.

It is ridiculous how far the news will go to keep people entertained, to have their attention for a moment longer. I remember a December years back where we were waiting for mom to get done with the news, the segment on shopping tips for, well, shopping. It was all common sense things, the stuff mom done already. What the heck mom. Eleven-thirty at night, and we waiting for the news member to state the obvious. I’m sure it helped many out there, but the fact that we spent thirty extra minutes for that? Bah, we woke up late because of nonsense news, so we missed the goods on that black Friday. Well, I say that now, but at the time it was good because we would’ve left long before the sun had come up.

So, this is about 500 words or so on how to keep someone busy, about writing articles of all things.

See you later -Kenneth

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