Lets Get A Little Practical

Tell me readers, can you change a tire? Check and possibly change the motor oil? Perhaps cook a basic meal other than ramen? Balance a bank account, or even know how to get one? Yeah, they don’t quite teach these kinds of things anymore do they? Then again, our school scores are at least decent, hell I bet some of us passed flying colors, got so many awards and what not yes?

Yes, I know, we are beating the same bush over and over, but you have to realize, tests are there to see if you can follow directions, while some reading/writing tests try your imagination to a degree it isn’t much. For instance, the state test, I failed a bit because I didn’t explain my point of view, or explain the actions of a character in my own words. Honestly, with how some if not all teachers crushing creativity and imagination, it is a wonder we don’t have many artists out there.

There are of course, but the fact that you need a degree to be taken seriously is somewhat dubious. Art costs money, it costs time, and it takes dedication to get to where you want to be. I’m not saying art is the end all be all, art includes a wide variety of things, and I am using it in the broadest┬ásense as possible.

So, let’s get a bit practical yes? We need to learn how to do some things ourselves. We are in an age of information overload, what with the internet yes? We no longer have to go in search of a master to apprentice under, to learn first hand that could take years. If we are somewhat hands on learning there are many videos out there for us to pursue, showing us a way to do something. I’m pretty sure people grumble when things start breaking down, and wearing out, and that reason is currency. When the car starts whining and screeching, that is a good sign to change something, probably a timing belt. Ok fine, you got me, it still takes a mechanic to do so, or at least someone with the knowhow, because belts are getting more complicated to change these days.

The fact that you know what the problem is though, means you don’t have to spend too much to get the problem fixed, instead of having a mechanic explain rapidly that your car is in need of major repairs and replacement parts. A scaring tactic to get you to buy more of their services, perhaps they are right on some things, but they can at least wait a few more months yes?

Perhaps you wish to eat something else besides sandwiches and ramen, well, pick up a book, or look around the internet. Recipe galore out there.

Despite what I’m saying though, start small, and work your way up from there. A thousand mile journey still begins with one step at a time, even if it is faster to hop into a vehicle, you still need to get to the vehicle.


Side note: all articles are glanced over for errors, I do not have an editor to go over every little word, so bear with me. It’s not like I’m getting paid to do this, and this is for my own entertainment to post. A writing exercise if you will.


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