Mad Scientist VIII

Tell me young scientist, do you have what it takes to work on your fellow-man? To test out your theories on humans? Go ahead, you will be great.

“Log entry, the dreams are coming up again. I wonder sometimes how many lives I’ve forsaken, in the name of research. It is so simple activating every nerve in the body, and keep the mind functioning and alive. To make and break someone over and over. I’ve created perfection many times, yet it is all pointless in the end. To turn my foes into weapons and tools to do my bidding.”

I stare into the eyewear once more, pondering recent events. “I’ve often wondered if I can purge a planet, wipe out all life and start from scratch. To be a God, in every sense of the word. I’ve seen that folly though, the road that leads there. All a falsehood built upon falsehoods.”

“Still, it seems like a fun idea, pretend to be an almighty god, choosing who lives and who dies. Being worshipped as I should, mess up a life on a whim, just to see what will happen. To grant every wish just because I can.” I pick up a crystal mug and take a large gulp, savoring the burning sensation. “Then one day, just obliterating it all, just to see what they will do in the face of destruction. Cower in fear perhaps? Try to avert it all with some kind of technology? Pray for salvation?”

I bark with cruel laughter. “What a joke. There was nothing that planet could have done when I detonated that star. There was nothing in the universe that could have shielded them from that kind of destruction aside form divine intervention. Apparently, there were no gods listening that day.” I lean back, drumming my fingers on the cold sterile console, the eyewear, tinted in blue, taunting me somehow.

“To be forgotten though, how the mighty have fallen far. We had used to be up there with the archaic bogey man, the dreaded Overlord.” Slowly a sprout popped out of the metal, creating rust and fissures as the metal gave way to the new life. “The Empty Rose, a mystery to many in the botany fields of research. No one knows quite where they come from, only that they can sprout from nothing, and can sprout anywhere. The plant also seems to bypass any scans, so the only way to observe is to be there when it happens. Oh Mother how you taunt me so.” I watch as the sprout blooms, and small roots and vines start wrapping around the frame of the device. Within moments the petals bloom, and the vines drag the eyewear to me.

“Very well, who needs a hero in this age, when there are so many out there. The universe had forgotten what a true monster is. The Solar system has gotten far to complacent in its self superiority.” I put on the eyewear, the lens flash once as it activates. “Complete log”

Pressing in a few commands I switch to the secured channels, the leader of the 18th at the front. “Alright troops, listen up, we need a major distraction, and you are the ones to do so. The target is the solar system, you are to strike at Mercury, take out as many collateral buildings as possible, do not destroy and schools however. If it is a political or government building all the better. I leave this in your hands, don’t fail me on this. Battle your way out, make as much of a distraction as possible.” With that the leader of the 18th nods and cuts communication.

I turn to the Triangle, “We have traitors in our midst.” They noticeably stiffen, a few of them making fists. “The only one I trust is Edgar, my second in command. Find out where they are, and take them out. In public view of the crew if possible. Should we be rotten to the core, the activate orders 9. Assume every except myself and the second in command to be compromised.” They stared stoically. “You have your orders, go forth.”

With that the feed cut out, leaving me and Edgar alone. “Prepare for mass recruitment, we will eventually need to rise our ranks.”

“Thy will be done Overlord.”

With that I stalk my way out, to carry my own mission, “Earth had best be ready, it will be the epicenter of a great upheaval.”

With that we speed things up. Hope you’re enjoying the storyline so far despite it being small snippets. Currently working on chapter one of this story.


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