“In The Name Of God”

(Notes before you read)

Now, this post will seem somewhat controversial I suppose. You have to remember this though, this is my opinion and views on the subject. I, in no shape or form, take no responsibility in any actions you ,may or may not, take. Nor am I pointing fingers at any groups out there. If you have an opposing opinion I will gladly read them as I would any other comment. I am not judging anyone in any way, nor attacking the people’s beliefs.

This post is intended as a opinionated rant, and should be treated as such, in response to contemplative thinking. In other words, I read the news, had a thought, and decided to post about it. I was feeling somewhat cynical when writing this. On with the post.

Tell me, would you beat a homeless person, in the name of god? Because they are a sinner, and sinners must be punished right? The lord and savior said so themselves once upon a time hadn’t They? Perhaps the opposing faction needs to be terminated because the church leader says so, and also with their blessings right? There are apparently, many things God has said, and it is our duty to carry out the words.

No, this is justification, a great big excuse to carry out your whims and fancies. While I am sure there is a God, or Gods out there, I feel that we are currently just using their names for our own gains. Tell me, how many have died in the name of the Lord? How many things are justified by going to church every Sunday? Can you, as a person, cleanse yourself of the original sins by prayer?

Perhaps a person can eventually change, and that they will repent down the road, but how many must suffer before doing so? Telling a random person of your sins does not absolve a person of them, the fact that you can’t look them in the eyes is just a bonus really, that they can’t see the empty eyes as the body recites false words. Blasphemy I say, there is no true regret, just a false sense of security.

Perhaps you just don’t know better, and the true monster that is leading you astray is putting the words in your head, and they are the hidden snake, speaking silver nonsense as they compel you to do more wrongs in the world, in the name of God of course. How many ruthless killers out there were raised by a bible? As their parent(s) taught them word for word from the holy scripture? Perhaps a grand movement, spurred the charisma of a single person, starting a whole new religion that appeals to your own tastes? Perhaps one of polygamy, or the patriarchy. How anything can be a sin or virtue, based on the believes and point of view of certain people.

How many atrocities are forgiven through prayer? Rape is condoned through certain beliefs, murder can be justified through loopholes, and thievery is everywhere. Still, answer me this, who did our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ socialize with? The kings, queens and rulers of countries? The ones with the most currency? Maybe, maybe not, but it is confirmed that he did socialize with thieves, murderers, rapists, prostitutes and whatever else. He was a savior yes, but he helped those that seek it, as well as those that never knew they needed it. So, is it possible, that these groups can be wrong? Most certainly, I would go as far as to say definitely.

Now, I’m not saying that they are wrong about everything, some obvious things are quite obvious. Others though, are opinions and should be treated as such. Like grows with likeness, a person is not the problem, but a group is.

“Thou Shalt Not Take the Lord’s Name in Vain” is not saying God damn it, no that is just a swear word, for the most part. The true meaning is right there, and has since been explained many times throughout various bibles and scriptures. These ‘False Prophets’ you might hear about no? Furthering your own goals through the use of higher powers, playing on the people’s beliefs. There may well be millions over the ages, killed as sacrifices to satan, however, billions to trillions have been killed in the name of god.

Things change, but humans as a whole will remain the same. Our god is bigger than yours, our god is the only god. No, I say everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and if they have none then it is not our duty to shove our on them. The lord and savior(s) wish for peace, using force to get it is very counter productive, and should be a last resort. Sometimes I wonder if a pantheon or group of gods out there makes more sense, as they understand the need for violence, that peace would be pointless without violence. That humans are not just drones living breathing and dying, that we too express emotions, and there is a god for that.

Perhaps…oh who cares, the world will keep turning, and there is nothing a single person can do to change it. Just remember, do not use God’s name for personal justification of actions.


(I just know this will generate some kind of response, not sure if I really wanted to post this or not)


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