Recipe Time: Spice is Life

Perhaps we covered this already, but for your sake, lets go over again yes?

So, we can cook now yes? Well, I’m sure many have skimped out on spices and herbs though, settling with just salt n pepper yeh? Well, I’m here to say, try it, you’ll thank me later.

For the baker, vanilla extract(none of that artificial stuff either), ground cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ground ginger, and possibly cloves. It might cost a pretty penny, but it will last quite a while. In order to skip out of buying most of these spices, you can also just buy pumpkin seasoning if you wish. Basic stuff can add nice flavor to stuff.

Then for other cooking, I would recommend some of the above, along with hot spices and herbs. Cayenne pepper, chili powder, paprika, oregano, thyme, rosemary,  basil, ground cumin, onion power, garlic powder, and sage. To further cut this list down you could just buy Italian seasoning, and regular chili powder.

Plain beans and rice, eh… I’d rather eat ramen if I’m a little honest. There are plenty of ways to make this better, if you prefer spicy, I’d recommend adding some cayenne pepper, paprika, chili powder, some onion powder, some garlic powder to the beans as they finish cooking. You can also add some garlic and onion powders to the rice as it boils, makes it less bland. Perhaps herbal, maybe…? Well go with oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage when cooking the rice. Add the onion and garlic powder to the beans as they cook.

Perhaps you order some pizza, mmm pizza, well… sprinkle some cayenne pepper around it can make it nice and spicy far better  than the flakes can, not saying you should forsake them, just makes it better. Fry a chicken fillet, add the spices to the mix. Dear lord I made some of THE best chicken strips EVER in my honest opinion just using some of the ingredients above. In fear of upsetting fry chicken companies it was decent (but it was also awesome at the same time, you didn’t hear that from me).

Garlic mashed potatoes, bursting with flavor roast potatoes and carrots, THE BEST EGG SANDWICH EVER, hearty stews, the list can literally go on forever with all the ingredients in the world. So why settle for bland when relatively cheap spices can be found even at the dollar store? One doesn’t have to go all out with name brand and organics (although it would help with potency), to get a nice meal.

Perhaps you have some extra herbs and spices, well, go on into the comment section (somewhere down below) and add them, along with a small example of how you’d use it. This is by no means a total list, and can be expanded as needed. I did not include liquids other than vanilla extract for instance. Also did not include sauces or the like either.


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