Travel? Perhaps…

I have a sudden epiphany, I want to travel. There is practically nothing holding me down now. I have a van, an ipod touch, some clothes and an unused cooler. This could work!

Ah, right, how would I get places though when I run out of money… shoot. Well, that is what the internet is for, find these problems and solutions long before we even load the van up.

Haha, The Van, just saying brings a smile to my face, The Van, like it is my greatest solution. The Van, actually has a bit of meaning to me actually, when we were little mom would take us all to Reno, Nevada every summer like clockwork, usually around my birthday! Ayy!

It was a nice blue Ford Aerostar, god how much I loved The Van. Just spend a whole day on the road, our half way point would be The Fountain, which was a small stop in middle of nowhere, had constant running water, the toilets were pretty much outhouses. It was our halfway point though, and we always stopped there, be it day or night.

I want to travel now, to just hop in the van, reverse out of the driveway, and go see the world. Take all the pictures, meet everyone, try the foods out there. I want to make daily videos on my progress, to find myself staring up into the night sky in awe.

It all seems glorious you know, not quite knowing where your next destination is. I want to see the world, and tell everyone back at home how it is. To say I did something, rather than waste away at home, doing nothing productive.

I am only hindered the by one small but very big issue, currency. Gasoline is not free my friends, neither is food. These things take effort to get, equivalence exchange. I work for you, you provide food and gas money. Perhaps I’ll hold myself a fundraiser and drive around Washington state to start off. Then move on from there. Yeah, sounds like a decent plan.



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