Mad Scientist IX

(note: There will be some generous swearing, some explosions and generalized violence, you have been warned I suppose)

“We are within the outer borders of the Solar System sir. Escort services have been alerted to our presence.”

“Disable their crafts, as not fatally as possible. Prepare the piloted drones for battle, the 18th should be striking anytime soon. We will only have hours to spend before they catch on.”

“Roger that Sir, firing EMP cannons now.”

I watch dispassionately as streaks of blue went past the view port striking targets far out, “Tow them along, we shall drop them off on Uranus. How long until their scans pick us up?”

“Two hours sir, it seems there is heavy conflict on the planet mercury sir, they are still mobilizing their forces, it won’t be long until they start reinforcing the borders.”

“Very well, prepare jump to the outer borders of Earth, we must be quick about this, the federation is reacting faster than anticipated. Belay those previous orders. Blast them apart.” I declare, activating the hidden protocols for my personal craft. It was made in such a way that it was virtually hidden from all types of scanning equipment, the paint job done to a mirror finish to better hide in the background.

“Prepare the fighters to distract the lunar bases, have six squadrons defend the ship from oncoming fire, set the nanobots to emergency repair.”


The patrol craft exploded, breaking into pieces, small quick fires erupt for a brief moment as the oxygen burned out.

Moments later we come across planet earth, it had changed much since humanity had taken to space. Cityscapes had risen up around the surface, clearing the way for forests to flourish, once barren wastelands now adorned with life. Efficiency was the name of the game, and pollution was at it’s all times low.

“Earth, so much has changed since I last laid eyes on it. Get the planet cracker ready, we are here to send a message.”

The channel changed suddenly as it was invaded by the local enforcement. “This is the Federation Defence Force, you are entering protected space, we ask that you cease all operations. I repeat, you are entering protected space, cease all operations or be fired upon.”

I raise an eyebrow, apparently many things have changed, their peaceful ways are slowly receding back. “Stand down or we will open fire, no one needs to be hurt.”

“You dare threaten us?”

“Aim for the lunar base, target their defenses, but leave their shields up.”

He looked a bit panicked as he motioned off-screen. “This is your last warning!”

“Fire away.”

They opened fire at the same time we had, only ours managed to take out their weapons systems while their wild shots spread wide, missing. “Take out the communication towers, now!”

A few more shots go out and the feed cuts suddenly. “The planet forces are likely getting ready, we need to be quick. Fire on the nearest land station, cripple the craft with minimal casualties if possible. send the drones to keep the lunar base grounded, we don’t need a two-way battle just yet.”


I send my drone out, the controls fine tuned to my actions, it had taken off to where the latest coven of heroes were located. “Keep the defending forces occupied, alert me when outer forces start noticing us.” The drone had broken atmosphere and it appears that the coven was under attack from other forces already. “Figures, arming firing systems, the heroes need assistance apparently.” With that I fired on the attacking forces.

“These bastards are persistent I’ll give them that much.” Yorick said as he tried to shake off the pursuers. “Ivan, get on the port side cannons we’re going to circle around, take out those fast fucks.”

“Sure, so long as you get Dimitri on the starboard cannons, I just seen a couple trying to flank us.” He said as he jumped through the hatchways, his headset slightly eschew  from being thrown against a wall from a particularly strong turn.

“Affirmative, you heard the man Dimitri, get on the cannons!”

“I hate this job, I want to board them! My blade hungers!”

“GO! You can complain to the Overlord later if you wish!” Yorick yelled back as he made another sharp turn to avoid fire. “How’s Boris?”

“I’m fine, just got the wind knocked out of me.” I say standing back up, ever thankful I was wearing my suit, since there was a large hole where I was seated moments ago. “The lower cannon is gone, and I’m pretty sure Yasha is dead, he’s not responding. I’m heading to the top cannon now. I’m sure Nona is down right now.” I grimace as I enter the airlock, “Natasha is probably trying to work the cannon herself, the crazy bitch.”

“Aye, get there and get those cannons singing, it’s far too quiet without them. Yorick out.”

“Dimitri, Ivan, how long until you get those things working.” I had made it to the second airlock, as I suspected Nona was thrown against the hull while Natasha was busy trying to turn the turret while firing.

“Mine is ready now, but I must wait until we circle them. These things can’t aim back nor turn that far.” Ivan said, before being overcome by Dimitri “Die you fuckers die!”

“Dimitri, calm down or you will melt the barrels off. Natasha isn’t responding, going in.” the doors finally opened and I was sucked in momentarily, apparently there had been a hull breach somewhere. “Natasha!”

Upon seeing me she started yelling, no sound however was heard, apparently she was in a panic and had forgotten to turn her communicator back on. “Turn your Comms on, you crazy bitch.” I motion to the buttons on my own suit, making my way to the turret controls.

She fumbles for a moment, I should have turned the volume down really, her voice was loud and quite annoying. “You asshole! Get the controls back on! I can’t do this myself!”

Shrugging I jump on the controls while she jumped on the cannon seat. “All systems in working order, fire when ready.” I say, designating the other battle drones. Dimitri’s cannons firing in bursts now and then as many of the drones and fighters take damage. “Shield integrity low, redirecting emergency power. Yorick, how are the repair drones?”

“I am working on it, their commands are trying to repair the lower cannon. I am trying to redirect them, but that last EMP blast must have shorted the relay somewhere.”

“Well do what you can, and send someone to pick up Nona, her systems show she is alive at least. Suit them up, there is a hull breach somewhere here.”

“Affirmative, Yorick out.”

“Hell of a way to start the day Natasha!” With that I do what I can to assist her. “Wheres the other two ships!”

There was quite a long pause before I got a response “They pulled back to deal with the Federation, last transmission was that they were going to bomb a base, no further transmissions since then. They are assumed dead until otherwise.”

“Very well, our objective then is to take as many down as possible, and meet up at the extraction point, its a good thing we only sent three craft yes?” More drones were joining the fight, our had been taken out within moments, making a decision I activate the secondary turret. “Yorick, keep us alive, Boris out.”

“Target is in sight, any others Two?”

“A few more, the traitors are more than I care to admit, not quite rotten to the core, but enough so that we’ll have to go with order seven instead of nine.”

“Public or quiet”

“Public, we need to find out who they’re dealing with, and the scope of corruption. We take them now, our trails will only slip away like water in a fist.”

“Aye, Three, what do you see.”

Over the short-range radio they answered. “Two speeders on the way, in the distance I see a first class B-25 cruiser. I an only assume the speeders are armed in some form. Orders One?”

“Hold fire, is there any way you can identify who owns the Cruiser?”

“Negative, it is unmarked for the most part.”

“Then we wait and see. Triangle One out.”

End Chapter.

And cut, that’s it for now, this whole thing here feeling somewhat rushed. I had no idea how to write this segment, so just went with it. Don’t mind how jumbled it is, after all this is just a writing exercise. Also, forgot to schedule this post for friday evening, so posting it now.

If you have any feed back let me know somewhere around here, pass a like or two, let other know perhaps? Contact information somewhere around here as well if you wish to comment but don’t wish to do so publicly. Enjoy!



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