Family Is Important

The only problem with the title I have, is that you can’t force people to be family. It will only lead to sadness and bitter regrets down the road. For some, the word family is poison to them. Blood means nothing when it comes to family, look back at history, look towards the news. As I said, blood is nothing but a fancy paint for some, only to be used to spread in violent ways.

No, family is what a person makes it to be, close friends can be considered a family. this story for instance I heard of. This guy loves his family, and will go visit them at least once a month if not more. He would go out on the limb almost without pause to help them. Here’s the thing though, his aunt who he also considered a mother figure was dying, he did not go to see her on her final days, despite being near. He was only a town over, but he was taking his family out and about.

He had considered his father’s side of his family as his own. This father though, had many sons and daughters, with various women. This guy considered half relations as family than those that helped raise him. He hardly visited his mother’s side of the family when nearby, even when he was in town. He barely came by to visit his ill grandfather, but would go visit his other grandmother, his other aunts and uncles.

His mother’s side who was there to back him up was abandoned for the whimsical attention of his father. This person who cared more for distant half siblings more than he cared for his own.

So, you can’t force someone to be family. Family is what you make it. There is a reason there are so many loners out there, who tried to be glue, who tried to hold a crumbling family together. These men and women who cringe from starting families of their own. Their own experiences forcing them to back down. Why we hold on to the slightest things that remind us of home, of family, close friends who become family. This could be a reason why you see unrelated aunts and uncles. Unrelated brothers and sisters. These people could almost care less now about their families, but wish they could just go back and fix things up.

Glue that failed to hold, trying to make it work on their own. Sometimes successfully, others not quite there.



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