Mad Scientist X

The Firelands was the new name christened upon the lands one inhibited by heroes. The earth was scarred to the bedrock, magma flows could be seen now and then. It all meant nothing though. Not when the message was loud and clear. “You had clearly forgotten that I exist in this universe as well haven’t you.”

A man in a black lab coat could be seen, his eyes aglow with his blue eyewear, contrasting the fiery sky. Debris from various craft could be seen burning to bits in the atmosphere in the distance. “Seek me out if you wish, just remember who saves your lives on this day.

“You dare set foot on this land! How dare you!”

“I dare because you all need to be taught a lesson, one you had forgotten many years ago. This universe is vast, and it was your duty to see to it that everything was kept in check. Tell me oh vaunted heroes of earth, how is it that you got attacked so easily in your own homeland?” He spreads his arms wide, “Your vaunted holy powers had failed, quite a long while back, and you never even noticed.”

Another strike, faster than lightning struck the mountain range, taking another chunk out of it. “Where is your gods now? Those who had forced me to flee my homeland? It burned just being near this forsaken place. But now this forsaken place burns with my return. Watch your backs heroes, the Overlord is back, for vengeance.”

Quite a few attacks slammed into him at once, blasting dirt and dust everywhere, various heroes could be seen flying around shooting more attacks. The ground exploded, fissures spreading out fast, gale force winds blowing the dust away, tossing the airborne heroes to the ground. The volley of attacks had no effect what-so-ever. The figure grinned, “As I said, seek me out if you wish.”

He made a large leap as a space craft picked him up, launching back to space.

“Evasive actions Yorick!”

“Lead them through the asteroid field. Delta squad is waiting for us in sector 2-5, I repeat, Delta is waiting in 2-5.”

“Roger that”

A few sharp turns, the cannons blazing away, they made it if barely.


It was as if the rocks came alive all at once, firing death at every ship in the vicinity.

“Boris here, do you think we made enough of a distraction?”

“I would say so, we wiped out 3 percent of their forces, a considerable amount since it was mostly their solar system defense.”

I righted myself, noticing my tank running on low once more, hardly suprising with all the heavy breathing and quick movements. “Natasha, we need to get out of here, our tanks are almost out. We can check on Nona while we’re at it.”

“Where the fuck is Viktor?”

“The asshole didn’t make it, he took off his helmet because ‘it distracted his aiming’. The only reason we’re alive is because of them.” I reply back, heading to the airlock.

She remained silent as she surrendered the systems back to automatic. “And Yasha?”

My eyes water a bit but my voice remained stern, “He got a large piece of metal through the head when the cannon exploded. I was going to take his place since an earlier explosion messed up his shoulder while we were getting to the cannons.”

“Tch. Remind me to pack his stuff later, we can send him out the way he wanted to.”  she replied back, suddenly bitchy again.

“Hah, stuffed in a cola box and sent to a star, why not. Said we can have his booze right?” I say, perking up at the idea. “I’m pretty sure Viktor had a stash or two somewhere as well. Want to get wasted later?”

“So long as you keep to yourself, I won’t want to wake up to you and your stinking breath.” She shot back.

“One ready, how’s the charges three?”

“Set, the Boss will not like this, especially with who is conspiring against us.”

“Guys, focus, are the targets ready? Two ready.”

Number One looked around, a couple officers sitting around the mess hall while other crew members milled about. “Signal the second triangle on the rest, starting the recording now.”

Everyone in the mess hall looked up as the monitors changed. “So you’re telling me we can kill the guy with this.”

“Sure, so long as you sell us the rest of the company. Our cause needs weapons, yours are top of the line.” The man replied.

“You traitors!” Two yelled from the balcony, hidden by the artificial bushes.

The rest of the crew caught on and stared down the suddenly nervous people from the video feed. “The ‘overlord’ is dead to us, so long as you kill the second in command as well, it will all be ours.” many of the crew stood up and advanced upon them. It only took moments for a riot to start as the mutiny died that day.

“One here to Four, hows the situation.”

“Five here, four is busy, they were waiting for us, but we got things under control. Six is taking care of the rest on the ground.”

“Roger that Five, Three, blow them up.”

“With pleasure.”

I stand up, my usual uniform changed into that of a standard research/crew member. “For the Overlord!” I shout as I shoot the back of another traitors head.

“In todays news, Federation supply caravans exploded from catastrophic failure, Investigations are still underway. So far however, this caravan was noted to be carrying illegal substances and cargo, no statements have been released yet, but this bodes ill for the Federation. The only casualties was a private cruiser of a corporate sponsor who had joined the escort from defense against increased piracy activities. Our condolences for their families.”

“In related news, the Solar System has been attacked by what appears to be mercenary forces who had taken out majority of the Federation Defense Forces defending the system. The solar system is on lock down until further notice.”

The news anchor paused for a moment to let the news sink in.

“The planet known as Earth has also suffered in another separate attack, mainly on the heroes central headquarters. No news is forthcoming on who instigated the attack, only that it had left devastation across the land, the Heroes only response was that they are launching an investigation.”

The reporter continued on with other news, the return of the overlord had been kept quiet for the moment. Not that it would last long.

End chapter

Another installment of Mad Scientist series. Hope you enjoy.



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