My Anger, Only for You.

Licking the insides like fire!
Backed by loathing and disgust,
Oh the loathing!

How the blood boils,
The sight tinged red with fiery rage.
The blood Boils!

Shaking with fury,

How dare THEY!
Such Disrespect, especially for the dead!
How, Dare they!

Like fire, such burning flames!
Flowing as slow and certain as lava,
This feeling burns!

Watch out,
I say once more,
Watch out.

This fury Grows.
This Heart aches.
This body Shakes.

Say naught a word.
Say naught their name,
For you no longer deserve,
Oh yes, you no longer deserve.

To ME you are dead,
Forsaken by me,
Dead I say!

This fire cools,
But don’t be fooled.
It is now frost.

Sell this house,
And toss other relatives out.

Do not worry though,
I am patient.

Dead men don’t need help
After all.

For your deeds spread,
By word of mouth,
Oh yes it spreads.

Abandoned you’ll be,
Scorned at every turn.

This fire’s out,
Now frosted over.

Forgotten through time,
Only these words,
To remember you by.

I am angry, and lets hope this gets the message by. For you the reader, irrelevant, but the feeling still stands. Perhaps this is for a certain relative of mine, but I’ll never say. I had written and rewritten this post before getting constructive, and creative. Names wiped out, whole paragraphs deleted, details gone, only vague feelings. One thing is certain though, I am disgusted to be related to that person, and I wonder how they came to be from such decent people. That’s all I hope.



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