Breakdown After You Search.

Ok, calm down, we can do this today. Now, has anyone had a horrible experience with lost money? As if it just disappears? Now, I’m not pointing fingers, but unless someone is running around houses and stealing money, there is only so many people to point the blame at. Now, before we go running around and actually pointing fingers we need to take a deep breath, and scream internally for a minute while we scrub our memory of where it Could have been misplaced. Done? Have you taken out your wallet at any point to take out a fiver, or some such? Retrace the steps if you must. Check the sock drawer, safe, under the pillow, between the mattresses, and what not? If it’s there then cool, for you anyway. Now, for the rest of us we can now investigate and ask questions.

As much as we don’t want to, we have to start somewhere. Who was around earlier, where was the money kept before, does anyone besides yourself know about it. Be sure to ask the kids, because they may not be old enough to understand what money actually is, they do know that currency can be exchanged for goods, such as candy and toys. Be VERY sure to ask the visiting relatives, because they might just need gas money and thought that they could pay you back later. Ask if anyone has been around today as well for good measure.

When all is said and done, well all we can do next is borrow money from everyone we can, because that right there was bill payments, home essentials, and food. Lets hope it is a misunderstanding and it will come back eventually. We can only blame ourselves for misplacement of funds, and lack of attention towards it as well as a lack of security. You can scold relatives about borrowing before asking later and not snap as a first response.

‘Asking for forgiveness’ sounds reasonable to some, especially when ‘asking for permission’ seems like a bad idea. Don’t worry, we can forgive, but we will not forget, and this doesn’t mean do so again. Make that point clear as you can as well.

P.S. Mad Scientist XI will be up a little late as I panic around for a moment, it still has a few touch ups to do on it.


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