Mad Scientist XI

“Report. How did we lose two squads.”

“We split up to cause as much spread out damage as possible within the mission perimeters. We had not expected them to be ready however for an invasion, even if it was only a few ships.” Boris replied as he was going through other reports.

“I’m afraid there were outside sources working as we were, a rogue group was attacking Earth. Outer patrol forces were out patrolling rather aggressively, and according to after battle reports, the inner planets were under heavy defense as the Federation started deploying.” I explain, going over my own reports and scans.

“We lost two ships as they led majority of their forces on a chase across the system. We had managed to strike a few buildings before we were attacked. Yasha and Viktor died when our turret was struck. Nona was knocked out as well. Yasha had been in the turret when it was blown apart. Viktor died by depressurization, the idiot had taken off his helmet.” Boris explained.

“Hm, noted, spread the word, helmets are to remain on during combat situations. If any provisions and equipment are needed tell the commanding officers and lead researchers. Everyone is to be sent to the infirmaries for combat physicals, effective immediately. Any medical issues are to be addressed at once.” I declare, sending out the directives. “And the other two ships?”

“One managed to lead a large group to Mars before being taken out by the planet satellite defenses. I’m pretty sure that was Jack’s ship, he was always a risk taker. The other, which I believe belonged to Chen, they were calculated in their chase, and had managed to take out some ports and shipyards. Ultimately they died near Venus, logs indicate that their life support systems had failed twenty minutes before the ship crashed and burned. It is noted that the crew fought until their own internal systems failed. Two minutes later they had used their craft to crash into a major communication installation, one of three systems if the reports are true.”

I rub my face in frustration. “The suits systems are meant to last longer than twenty minutes, what had happened to the redundant life support systems each vessel has?”

Boris scanned the ships designs for a moment, “Give me a moment.”

Turning to the other screen, I continue. “Triangle, report.”

The apparent leader rubs his chin a couple times before answering.”Sources indicate the Federation is behind current corruption in the system. The root of the other problem rated a seven out of ten. So far it is taken care of.” He continues to fidget for a bit.

I stare impassively at the screen, reading the body language. Chain of command compromised, two commanders, fifteen lead researchers. Private company affiliated with Federation. Orders. “I see, take a vacation.”

Find out who.“Very well sir.”


“It is apparent that those updates were not installed, nor were the plans updated in two years. Do these plans match yours.” My screen flashes as many diagrams pop up, charts fly around on the screen.

“No, these vessels are outdated by five years. These turret placements are horrendous. And those thrusters are decent, for civilian purposes.” glaring at the screen I look through the logs. “It says here you had received the updates.”

“We got some decent cannon upgrades, but it requires two people to use.”

“Gather the other leaders! We are going to sit down and talk about this. Are all vessels like this?”

“Yes Sir, the only ones that look newer are yours. That is  a given since you are Overlord.”

I slam my hand down, silencing him. “Unacceptable! Get everyone together, we meet in a week’s time to discuss this! Out!” the screen closes on his surprised expression. “Edgar, how goes the recruitment? Give me some good news.”

“Well sir, we got some potential prospects. It depends on what you need though sir. As it stands though, we have enough for a company of mercenaries for now. Perhaps enough actual recruits for a platoon, though training them might take a year or so unless we fast track them.” He goes through his own reports. “Interest is there though, maybe if we build a few flagships and advertise, we might get more people. I’m not sure where to look however, since I have no idea what you want these forces to do.”

“Hm, recruit for open space battles for the moment, if you can start looking for footmen, we are going to take on empires, a few fancy high tech battleships won’t make too much of a difference.” I type up commands and directives. “Now, these are the parameters of your recruitment for the moment. We will need a few flagships. You are to command one of them. We are going to need many destroyers, frigates, the works. I will start the production of vehicles and what not. For now find and train enough manpower for three flagships armed from bow to stern.”

“Very well Sir. Any other orders?”

“Cease any and all operations around the 10th sector, we want to increase our trades for now, and the 10th is to be considered black listed to us. Find any reason, so long as trade there is gone. They’ve caused nothing but problems so far. Get in touch with the triangle as well, they’ll need to search out our foes once more. And get me a fresh shipment of chocolate, I’ve been going through chocolate withdrawals.” I add last moment, “If possible send out a group to that planet to start cleansing it, the place was perfect for our productions. It would also be best to wipe any records of the place so we can retreat there as needed.”

“Thy will be done Overlord.” With that Edgar signed off.

“Back to work, I swear running a corporation has nothing but paperwork, even if there is no actual paper. Technology can change all it wants, but we are still bound by legalities and paperwork.” I ramble on to myself.

Sorry for the VERY late post, as well as the total lack of posts this week. It is also apparent I forgotten to actually update the scheduled back-up posts, oops. So here is the promised Mad Scientist story. Leave a comment if you wish. -Kenneth


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