Mad Scientist XII

“Log entry, After going over after battle reports, it is very apparent that we need a major overhaul done. Starting first with our military branch, most of the equipment is outdated by years. Our ships should have been far more maneuverable than what reports suggest. Someone in our ranks had been sabotaging the armed forces. Honestly civilian thrusters? Outer hull turrets?” I glare at the reports for a moment, “The mutiny was stopped for now, but I get the feeling it was not the only one.”

“It is time to broaden our horizons once more, the universe is a large place after all. Agriculture is only one such trade, and it is apparent that technology is advancing once more. We should be the ones at the forefront in leading edge research.” drumming my fingers on the desk I contemplate what to do. “Very well, I suppose it is time to get back into the field. Violence is only one such battleground, we need to be seen as well as heard. To show the universe that we are not some myth or washed up group.”

I send out more orders and directives to our research group. “I really don’t want to start anew once more, it is so bothersome doing so. And yet there is only so much one can do to upgrade what is already available.”

Sipping from a mug of hot chocolate I contemplate what else there needs to be done. “Bring up plans for X-22 class 3 fighters. Open possible attachments and modules.” The perks of being a mad scientist was finding a way to avoid sleep whenever possible without impacting the mind and body. I spent the rest of the days leading to the meeting improving designs and ideas.

“This is One, target is in sight once more. Nothing changed, get four ready to intercept. No killing, no maiming, we need to figure out what her connection is to the traitorous dogs.”

“Very well, public or private?” they asked as they moved through the shadows.

“Private and quiet if possible, Three get ready for emergency extraction.”

The mission went without any issues. This saboteur caught with none the wiser she was even missing. Such was the life of a loner.

Sorry for the delays, life had caught up really fast and had almost drowned me in paperwork. Yet we persevere and came out on top. Not to mention I have no real direction for this short series. Ideas are welcome, remember this is just a writing exercise.



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