Our Taste Changes As Time Flies

I was just sitting back earlier today listening to music when I got inspired to write this article. Of all things it is internet videos and music, still it is my blog so… nyeh!

Don’t mind me, I’m just being silly today.

The first video I’ve ever seen on the internet was System Of A Down- Chop Suey. Truth be told, that was also one of the first music CD’s I’ve ever owned, the Toxicity album. The only way to see other’s videos was either on Television, or recording which is still… on the television. I’m pretty sure youtube was new in those days, or not even around, no I remember watching this music video on google videos or some such, either that or it was a cover of two kids doing their parody lipsync of it… hm… either way that was it really.

The only reason I actually looked up the song was because of a story posted years back by a forum member that made mentions to the song. There was plenty of fanmade stories long before any sites dedicated to the stuff, most of these stories could be found on sites and forums. It was what started my ‘rock and metal’ phase of my teenage years. Well not quite true, I also remember watching Disturbed- Prayer music video as a close second, and that was amazing. Also one of my first music CD’s was The Sickness album, never knew there was an uncensored version of it for years, thank you MTV for pointing that out one day.

Another thing to point out, we didn’t have satellite tv, just standard cable which included all of 13 or so channels. So, there was no MTV or other such programs to watch at the time. It was also around then that my cousin started to get into rap and what not, my sister into her hip hop. Headphones are a godsend honestly, not that my sister used them, many a times she lost stereo privileges. Of course the problem came in the form of the player of choice, CD players do not fit in pockets. So, to work around that we used cassette players to record from the cd, and just carry one of those blocky things, it fit far easier, also didn’t skip because cd players did not like being vertical at the time.

Also, I grew up on classics, it was mom’s cassettes or classic rock from the radio. That would be Queen, Elvis, Hank Williams Sr., some Prince, maybe Michael Jackson, and a whole host of 60’s-70’s music. It was grand, especially on our trips to Reno, NV. Pretty sure its always the teenage years when music changes as we find out who we are, but we will always remain classic in secret, when no one is around.

Still, our tastes in music changes throughout the years, and I’ve come to accept anything that sounds nice, public opinion be damned. It sounds nice to me so I’ll listen to it, even songs I absolutely hated from the 90’s to today, that would be Britney, NSYNC, and the Backstreet Boys. Nostalgia I think is the term for it, reminds me of good times and the beat is nicer compared to todays music. Now I’m not saying it is all bad, but tis not all good either. Opinions, everyone has them.

Just a random post of the life of Trihazard, see you round.



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