I was only 11.

So, this post was made at 3:45 in the morning, it will be jumbled and perhaps repeatative, but I had to get this out. My point of view on this day fifteen years ago. Remember these are my opinions, and you are welcome to chime in your own. Reply your own stories if you wish.

The details are vague, I don’t exactly remember that day in detail, but it was repeating on the news all day long. I don’t think mom went to work that day, I’m also pretty sure school was cancelled. It was a quiet day though. I live on pacific time, so things had long progressed by the time I woke up at eight o’clock.

Then came the months of watching the news daily, so many things were happening. Everyone was in an uproar, so much disbelief going around. Many weekends spent going to church, praying for more and more people lost. As I said though, the details are vague.

There is… vague feelings towards 9/11 for me. I can say I lived during the times, but I don’t think I truly understood what was going on. If you asked me what happened that day, I couldn’t really say. I can tell you this though, watching helicopters on the news shooting down into the cities, night vision as tanks fire back and forth, anti-aircraft shooting up into the skies, as well as many buildings being destroyed… It was a terrible sight. War on Terrorism was always on the news somewhere.

Then came the civilian casualties, mistrust towards Middle Eastern people. It was also the time when security was tightened everywhere. I also remember hearing many jets flying around during the day.

The follow-up years as many people started criticizing former president Bush for his actions. It was also the mark up on gasoline prices. By the gods, the gas prices. In some places I hear it had gotten up to $5 a gallon. Travel was cut down to nothing, it had gotten harder to visit relatives.

In 2002, some students didn’t come to class because they were… I don’t know, considering 9/11 a sacred day or something. They figured things would be closed that day. It was either them or the parents.

So here we are, fifteen years later. Show the documentaries and I’ll probably get emotional from the stories. Yet ask me about it, I can tell you it was… a secondary thought for me, today anyway. The world changed that day, and it still affects many today, so lets take a moment of silence for those that are no longer here, for those sacrificed on this day fifteen years ago. For those who gave their lives for a cause in the following years, both the willing and the forced.

Good day readers,



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