Caution or Hoarding.

There is a generation gap, quite a few of them actually. Ever notice how grandparents(great grandparents probably today) have a storage of food? The stereotypical grandma making sure everyone has food? Well, think of it this way, they came from a time when they went hungry every other night. How their parents tried to save up food for winters and barren times. Recession and depression was the feel of their times. The more food became mass produced the more they stocked up.

It annoys many of their childrend and grandchildren to no end that they have freezers and storage space dedicated for food, yet they eat simple meals and snack foods. Well, they are preparing for another depression, of a time where food is hard to come by. Look at preppers today, all of the 20-30 some adults preparing for an apocalypse that might not even come. How many have gone without foods in the 2000s? What with all the diseases, weather, employee strikes, and droughts, a whole mark up in prices due to shipping costs.

There was a few times beef and pork was marked up double and triple the amounts because of shortages and disease. Ever since the war on terror gas prices have climbed from $1.98 to $4-5 for about 10 years or so. Sure these were somewhat minor issues for those with money, until we had to bail out multiple banks worth billions of dollars over the years. Stock market crashes, inflation, the average dollar lost its value for a while there.

Fine, we are in a disaster state, even if it isn’t quite pronounced, we have reached another ‘Plan for Disaster Jimmy, the world is ending tomorrow!’ round. 2012 passed us by, many regrets and issues in the wake of those preppers. It is like clockwork I tell you, every 30 years something will happen that will make people paranoid, thus making their offspring lax, thus starting the cycle over again.

I ask you this reader, are you prepared? Are you ready for what may come?



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