Update:Still alive…Somehow.

So, I splurged and got a laptop, nothing crazy just a simple $180 thing to tide me over until I figure out what is wrong with my desktop. I love windows and therefore Microsoft, but they have plenty to answer for when their updates crash your computer, then have the nerve to blame it on the customer. Sure it COULD have been a software issue, outdated drives and what not… until you realize your drives are current, and nothing could possibly be conflicting with updates… but I digress, here I am after a month away, give or take.

I got a job, and that’s all I will say on that. It pays decently, and I will soon be able to take advantage of benefits.

This keyboard is going to take a while to get used to, already missing the extra spacing between keys. Still, this is apparently step one to getting ready to travel. Laptop can now be crossed off the list, now I just need a decent camera, and a major tune up on the van, some saved up money and I’ll be set up!


Really disliking the keyboard spread, typos a plenty. First world problems and what not. Things are looking up so far, I might even start house hunting soon, a base of operations/vacation from vacation I suppose. Even a one room flat with decent price would be welcome. Rent out my house to a family member, they’ve been house hunting as well, maybe. Tis a bit too early to say for sure.

Storytime will be updated soon, whenever I decipher my notes and what not. Thank you readers, those that have been checking in anyway, for being faithful. Trihazard, aka Kenneth, will not disappoint you yet. Be on the look out, posts about in the near future. You will just have to live with whatever typos there are this post, possibly the next ones as well.



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