What does it take?

Anything you have, so long as you go for it. The road will be very bumpy, full of holes, and very much uncared for.

Is it Love? Dedication, Determination, perhaps even vengeance? Well, this is something you can relate to no matter what. It is Passion, what drives a person to keep going, obstacles be damned. We humans are very passionate about what we do, even when we don’t realize it… well especially when we don’t realize it. So dedicated we can be to be alone that we’ll strike out at anyone that stops us.

Chasing down our love interests, seeking our foes furiously, protecting those that we feel need it. Yes, we are a passionate lot in our individual interests. It is amazing how much fervor can be achieved when many come together for a plan, when one passion collides with another. Sadly even what makes us strong, also magnifies the negative in us as well. As much as we create, we humans destroy a good bunch of stuff as well.

Beware of your passions, like fire it breathes life, just as quickly as it takes it.



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