Our Stories, Our Characters

When characters become self-aware that they are naught but characters in a book, or only there for the entertainment of people. They try to show the others, but the author is cruel, and erases their memories of any such thing, leaving the main character alone in the knowledge that they are the only ones truly alive. Perhaps their alternate self comes along trying to make a difference, because they had ‘read the book’ and the main character is their favorite, and they want to change the ending.

How can we authors and writers be so cruel to the ones we care for, even if just words on a page or screen. I tell you, it is because we can, to hold a person’s life in our hands, to let go or pull away from danger. Perhaps our own story isn’t so great, being nothing but a play thing, a figment of imagination to millions of others. Perhaps those voices in our heads belong to the many voices of other main characters who had met their terrible end, and wish to warn us of things to come.

Some of us have a fairy tale life, while others are written as tragedies and horror. Those fleeting moments of deja vu are moments where the author comes up with a better line to use, a better description. Long moments of nothing happening because our authors have gotten stumped, perhaps this is our transition between dialogue and actions, leading on to our great climax.

For many this is the end, no more to be written, a small horror, drama, tragedy written in the fit of anger and frustration. Yet for others, it is just one book closed as the sequel is written, our next chapter. Those adventurous types, becoming saga length novels with many spin offs. The dull boring lives written as a homework assignment, perhaps just an extra put in as needed.

Many have gone mad, or gave up thinking on these things. More or less theories, there is no actual evidence of such a thing happening.

I will say this though, if it is true, then we are all a main character in some way, and our story has not yet begun. We are just in the prologue of our lives, and it may start tomorrow. For others, they near their peak of the story, nearing a conclusion yet to be written.



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